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Real Estate

The New Jersey real estate lawyers at the law firm of Helmer, Conley & Kasselman understand that buying a home is a difficult process, whether you are buying or selling your first home or a subsequent one. We are here to assist individuals with the following:

  • Drafting and review of purchase and sale agreements, property transfer agreements and leases;
  • Financing and refinancing;
  • Title search and title insurance; and
  • Mortgage closings.

It’s Important

Whether you are buying or selling, you should not sign a real estate sales agreement before consulting a NJ real estate attorney who is experienced in real estate transactions. 

Be aware that others involved in the transaction may try to talk you out of consulting with an attorney.  For example, a realtor or other person in interest may insist on immediate signing, saying that you will have three business days to consult with an attorney.  This is true, but if any clause is not good for you, your attorney will have to drop everything he may be doing and give certified mail written notice that the agreement is disaffirmed.  He or she will probably have to bill you for the service.  That costs you money, not the person who gave you bad advice.

On the other hand, if you take an unsigned agreement to the same attorney and something is wrong, a simple phone call to the realtor or to the other party if there is no realtor should suffice.  Generally, if you are forearmed and able to say that unless whatever is disadvantageous is changed, we can’t sign, an accommodation that meets your needs should result.  In any event, a difficult and potentially time sensitive procedure which may be much more expensive will be avoided.

Seeing your NJ real estate lawyer first will put the only person who is operating only in your interest in the picture early. That will enable you to be protected by someone whose only interest is to protect you in what may be the largest investment of your life.

Other Considerations

Often people who are buying houses also have other major life changes going on.  Is your family expanding or contracting? Are you getting married, or divorced? Has a change in your health or financial status prompted your move?  When you are completing the purchase of your new house, also be sure to touch base with your attorney about whether you should revise other documents including wills or trusts at the same time.

Why Choose Us?

The attorneys at the law firm of Helmer, Conley & Kasselman have assisted individuals in real estate transactions for many years. We have the knowledge and the experience to help ensure that appropriate steps are taken to make certain of a smooth transfer. Our attorneys may represent either the buyer or seller in the transaction. Come in and meet with our attorneys to discuss how we may assist you in what is among the most significant transactions of your life.

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