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Construction Litigation and Arbitration

With more nearly three decades of experience representing contractors and other construction professionals on matters ranging from mechanics’ liens to warranty or defect litigation, Helmer Legal provides comprehensive trial, arbitration and dispute resolution counsel on a full range of problems that can arise in a construction contract. Contact us to learn more about the range of our practice and our experience with construction disputes.

We Understand the Construction Trades

Our law firm has longstanding attorney-client relationships with many construction contractors, and we have seen many of these contractors grow over the years from one-truck operations to well-established companies bidding and performing on regionally significant contracts. We help construction clients anticipate and manage the operational challenges that accompany growth while resolving the problems that come up along the way.

Clients who work with Helmer Legal benefit from our ability to apply our understanding of the South Jersey and greater Philadelphia construction trades to the demands of a particular litigation problem without sacrificing continuing business interests or key industry relationships. Clients also find that our focus on practical solutions based on their distinctive business practices and objectives leads to prompt and efficient resolutions on highly favorable terms.


William Tobolsky discusses drafting construction agreements and construction disputes.

Skilled and Experienced Advocate in Construction Contract Arbitration

Many construction contracts provide for mandatory arbitration of disputes, and our experience with the presentation of claims or defenses to single arbitrators or arbitration panels can help clients take maximum advantage of the streamlined procedures and rules of this alternative dispute resolution forum.

Our law firm represents contractors, subcontractors, materials suppliers and other construction professionals across the spectrum of construction litigation and arbitration matters throughout the region, including:

  • Creation, perfection, enforcement, collection or waiver of construction code liens Financing problems with owners, lenders or investors
  • Project completion or performance disputes
  • Insurance coverage disputes
  • Property damage disputes
  • Construction warranty or defect defense
  • Claims against personal guaranties
  • Corporate or partnership disputes within construction companies
  • Tax controversies

Our law firm’s experience with construction litigation covers residential development, rehabilitation and remodeling projects, commercial or industrial development, and infrastructure projects for roads, sewers, and other infrastructure improvements.

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For additional information about the advantages of working with a construction litigation attorney committed to your success, contact Helmer Legal.


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