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Insurance Coverage Disputes

Whether your company’s insurance coverage problem involves fair settlement of a casualty loss or defense of a claim asserted by someone else against your business, a lawyer familiar with insurance law and industry practices can help maximize the value of your coverage. Contact Helmer Legal for dependable advice about the resolution of disputes with your insurance carrier.

Our experience with business insurance extends to many different forms of coverage: commercial general liability, errors and omissions, professional liability and the various losses covered under business property insurance.

In first-party casualty loss claims, we advise business clients about the best ways to deal with claims adjusters and insurance defense lawyers whenever an insurer disputes a covered loss. We can show you how to assemble and present your claim, evaluate settlement offers and make sure that all covered losses are included in your claim, including business interruption losses. Examples of the kinds of casualty losses we can handle are theft or burglary claims, embezzlement or employee theft, fire losses or storm damage.

Discuss Your Hurricane Irene Insurance Claims with a Lawyers

Many businesses in greater Philadelphia and South Jersey have been affected by Hurricane Irene. While relatively few businesses will have flood insurance in place, commercial policyholders should recognize that the standard policy flood exclusion will not apply to all forms of water damage.

If your insurer denies a water damage claim that might not have been caused by flooding in the strict sense of the term, we can advise you of your rights under New Jersey or Pennsylvania law, including any applicable protection under each state’s bad-faith insurance statutes or case law.

Getting the Most Out of Your Liability Insurance Coverage

Helmer Legal also represents closely-held businesses with problems concerning third-party liability claims. Our goal is to make sure that you receive the full benefit of your coverage whenever you are faced with an adverse claim of negligence or any other covered tort liability. In many cases, the insurer’s responsibility for accepting the defense of the claim will be unclear under the facts alleged.

Our law firm can often convince the insurer to accept the claim under a reservation in order to protect your interest in an effective defense of the claims against your company. In some cases, we can commence a declaratory judgment action against the insurer to clarify its responsibilities for defense and indemnification when it denies or resists coverage.

Our liability insurance coverage litigation work covers a wide range of problems in a variety of industries, from property damage or completed operations disputes in the construction trades to defense of stockbrokers in FINRA arbitration proceedings. For additional information about the range of our practice and our ability to help your business through a difficult insurance coverage problem, contact Helmer Legal.

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