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Defense for Attorneys: Protect Your Career and Reputation

As a lawyer, you are held to a high standard of ethics and expected to follow the rules outlined by your state bar association. When you are charged with an ethics violation your license to practice is at stake, which challenges your career, livelihood and passion for pursuing justice.

The attorney disciplinary process can be stressful. Your job, and sometimes more importantly, your reputation, is on the line. As a legal professional, you understand the benefit of retaining legal counsel and the idea of losing your license is probably all too real. Don’t hesitate to secure legal counsel. You need to do everything you can to protect your career and reputation.

When the situation calls for legal representation in matters involving ethics committee grievances, hearings in front of the Disciplinary Review Board and/or the Supreme Court of New Jersey, it’s time to secure a legal advocate. It’s time to call Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A.

Our firm represents attorneys facing ethics violations and attorney discipline. From the initial evaluation to appearing at hearings on your behalf, we can be the lifeline you need during this difficult time in your career. Schedule a consultation today: 856-547-7888.

The Attorney Disciplinary Process

The attorney disciplinary process ordinarily begins with a grievance filed against the attorney by a client, other attorney, judge or the Office of Attorney Ethics. If it is determined the facts alleged in the grievance, if proven, would constitute a violation of the Rules of Professional conduct, the grievance is docketed.

Once a grievance has been docketed, an investigation ensues. An outcome for an attorney who has had a grievance filed will range from dismissal of the grievance to disbarment.

If after an investigation it is determined there is proof of unethical conduct, a formal complaint is filed and served upon the attorney/respondent.  The respondent has 21 days to file an answer.  The matter will then be scheduled for a hearing before a Special Master or a panel from one of the 18 ethics committees.

How Our New Jersey Ethics Lawyers Can Help

You can secure a New Jersey ethics attorney at any stage of the disciplinary process and our attorneys are able to assist even after a grievances is filed. However, we generally recommend consultation with an experienced ethics attorney early in the grievance process in order to get the full benefit of advice and counseling.

Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A. can represent you if a grievance has been filed against you for professional and ethical misconduct, including:

  • Failure to communicate with clients, return phone calls, emails, in-person visits;
  • Failure to return documents to clients (upon request);
  • Conflict of interests;
  • Misrepresentation, fraud, dishonesty;
  • Missed deadlines or court appearances;
  • Advertising violations;
  • Alcohol/drug abuse that interferes with professional obligations;
  • Refusal to pay;
  • Improper billing;
  • Funds misuse; and
  • Many other professional/ethical issues.

If you need assistance with the attorney disciplinary process in New Jersey, please call us at 856-547-7888 to schedule a consultation.

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