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About Arson in New Jersey

The law defines arson as the criminal act of deliberately setting fire to property, including a house, store, building, vehicle or “other real property.” An example of “other real property” might include grass or trees. Arson is a general intent crime, which means the prosecution must show that you planned, knew what you were doing and choose to proceed, free of coercion, with the criminal act.

An arson conviction should be taken very seriously. Every aspect of an arson case should be analyzed with extreme detail, as the law is complex and heavily fact specific. Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A. has four lawyers that are certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as criminal trial attorneys. Call us for our extraordinary level of experience and recognized legal skill: 877-HELMER1.

Arson Consequences in New Jersey

The consequences of a New Jersey arson conviction vary depending on the intent behind the act, the total amount of the damages and whether anyone was hurt or killed in the event.

An arson change can render the following consequences in NJ:

  • Prison time;
  • Lengthy probation;
  • Loss of insurance; and
  • Denial of entry into certain drug, alcohol and/or psychiatric care programs.

In New Jersey some arson convictions require 85 percent of the sentence be served without parole. Since arson cases frequently require scientific evidence, it is very important for those facing these charges to have a knowledgeable criminal defense law firm like Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A. representing them. We have created relationships with local experts who can provide expert testimony on your behalf.

How a New Jersey Defense Attorney Can Help

Fires are unpredictable and within minutes you could be responsible for devastating damage and even the death of a person or persons – not a situation you want to be in, especially without legal representation.

In order to ensure your legal counsel has the necessary time to launch a full investigation on your behalf, if you are charged with or being investigated for arson in New Jersey it is imperative to secure an aggressive defense attorney as soon as possible.

The defense attorneys at Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A. have almost 25 years of experience working with police officers and investigative experts. By examining evidence and considering all possible solutions for the start of the fire we can take advantage of arson investigation forensics to offer evidence that the fire was accidental. Together we can work toward clearing your name and avoiding stiff penalties.

Contact an Arson Defense Attorney ASAP

Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A. is prepared to help those being charged or investigated for arson in the New Jersey area. Our NJ criminal defense attorneys have frequently avoided convictions for those charged with this serious criminal offense. In cases where charges are unavoidable our legal team has urged the state to reduce arson charges to a lesser offense, such as criminal mischief.

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