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Woman: Hi, I'm here today with Ron Helmer and Jim Conley, two of the partners of the law firm of Helmer, Conley & Kasselman. You know, people know that this firm has grown tremendously and added all kinds of areas of law in the last few years. Can you tell us what it is that makes your firm special and allows you to keep growing?

Jim: Well, I think probably the main thing is the relationship among the various attorneys and the administrative and support staff. We try to encourage family values and a family-type relationship within the firm that allows everyone to feel comfortable and feel like they're part of something bigger than just going to a job every day. Con, you agree?

Ron: Yeah, I think that we thrive because of our family values and we value our clients. We treat them like family, like we want to be treated. Our clients know that we genuinely are looking out for them, we fight hard for them, we're always truthful with them, and we get very good results. We have many certified trial attorneys, we return phone calls, and we care about both ourselves and our clients and our staff. And it shows. Contact us today.  

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