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Estate planning can be a daunting process, and we can help. Many New Jersey residents are not sure whether or not they should prepare a will or engage in the estate planning process. Everyone who owns property -- such as bank accounts, stocks, bonds, furniture, automobiles, jewelry, etc. -- has an estate and should designate to whom his or her estate will go.

Not only does estate planning involve planning for your property, but it also means planning for your loved ones and planning for your own future medical treatment. Contact our New Jersey firm to find out more.

Advantages to preparing an estate plan include:

  • You control how your estate is distributed (instead of the State);
  • You can make a special bequest to a friend, relative or charity of your choice;
  • You can ensure the executor will distribute your property according to your wishes;
  • You may be able to avoid, lower or eliminate death taxes and the cost of probate;
  • You can designate a guardian for your children; and
  • You can limit the amount of medical attention you receive should you become incapacitated.

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