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Vineland Immigration Attorneys and NJ Criminal Defense Attorneys

Vineland Immigration AttorneysHelmer, Conley, and Kasselman’s Vineland immigration attorneys, NJ criminal defense attorneys, and their colleagues believe that their clients in the Vineland area will find this central location very convenient.  Easy access from Route 55 and other main arteries, as well as by public transportation, makes this office a convenience for clients in the Cumberland County area.  The Vineland office is staffed by people who speak Spanish as well as English, to help ensure that our clients can communicate easily and fully with their attorneys.  NJ Criminal Defense attorneys, NJ Immigration lawyers, and NJ Family attorneys are in our Vineland office on a regular basis.  In addition, NJ Personal Injury attorneys, and other colleagues are easily available by video conferencing or appointment.

The New Jersey criminal attorneys of HCK have spent many years working with the people of Cumberland County, including Vineland, Bridgeton, Millville, and the surrounding areas. Many of our criminal defense lawyers were either former assistant prosecutors, including several who were county trial chiefs and first assistant prosecutors, deputy attorney generals, Assistant US attorneys, or retired police officers before joining the firm. Their personal experience on both sides of the criminal justice system allows them to provide high quality efficient and experienced service to their clients. Several of the firms NJ criminal lawyers are or were certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as Criminal Trial Attorneys. That is a very high number to achieve that distinction. Based on the number of attorneys in the firm, and in the State of New Jersey, one would have expected one at the most to have this achievement. 

Immigration issues are of concern to many of our clients in the Vineland area, either because they employ immigrants, or because they are immigrants.  Our NJ Immigration attorneys understand that when more than half of the people in a city are primarily Spanish speaking, and almost 1 in 3 are born in Mexico, there will be many immigration-related questions and concerns.  Since HCK founder and managing partner Ron Helmer is an immigrant himself, he and the firm have a special interest in helping people who have come to the US from elsewhere and hope to make this great county their own. The attorneys at HCK understand very well that immigrants can have different concerns, such as deportation, if faced with criminal, DUI, or family legal issues. In these situations, our clients benefit greatly from the diversity of our team’s experience.

In addition to criminal defense, immigration law, family law, and DUI cases, HCK attorneys concentrate in the areas of municipal court, traffic, appeals, and Personal Injury.  Lawyers, who practice in these areas, as well as others, are also available to assist our clients when needed.

The town of Vineland has been undergoing some redevelopment in recent years. Visit the Landis Marketplace and Amish market. Consider a trip to Wheaton Village in nearby Millville. Try a river cruise, bicycling adventure, or ride in a small airplane. There is more to do in this area than many people realize.

How Can We Help You in Vineland, NJ?

Whether you need a defense lawyer, family lawyer, or immigration lawyer, and whether your future is in jeopardy or you simply have questions about your legal rights, we encourage you to get in touch. One of our lawyers will be happy to meet with you one-on-one to discuss what we can do to help. This is true for all of our areas of practice, including:

Criminal Defense

If you need a Vineland defense lawyer, we are here to help. Our lawyers have centuries of combined experience defending local residents facing charges for all types of crimes. This includes disorderly person offenses and indictable crimes at all levels—from shoplifting and marijuana possession to burglary, rape, and murder.

Since all crimes carry the potential for fines and jail time in New Jersey, it is extremely important that you seek help from an experienced Vineland defense lawyer regardless of the circumstances of your case. Contact us today to learn how we defend individuals accused of:

Assault and Battery – If you need a Vineland assault lawyer, we’ve got you covered. Our lawyers handle cases involving charges of simple assault, aggravated assault, and battery (which is prosecuted as a form of assault under New Jersey law). From self-defense and mutual fighting to duress and constitutional violations, there are a variety of potential defenses to these charges—and determining which defenses you can assert is a matter of understanding the unique circumstances of your case.
Drug Crimes – We defend individuals in Vineland who have been charged with all types of drug crimes, from possession all the way up to manufacturing and distribution. If you are facing prosecution for a crime involving marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, or any other drug, our defense lawyers can use their experience to protect you.
Police Misconduct – Our Vineland police misconduct attorneys have significant experience representing officers accused of dereliction of their duties. We handle cases involving all forms of alleged misconduct, from excessive force and unlawful arrest to extortion, perjury, and coercion.
Sexual AssaultSexual assault charges can take several different forms as well. If you have been charged with indecent exposure, rape, or any other sex-related offense, you need an experienced Vineland sexual assault lawyer representing you. These charges can carry substantial penalties—including sex offender registration, parole supervision for life, substantial fines, and long terms of imprisonment.

Theft Crimes – Our firm represents individuals facing prosecution for theft crimes in Vineland. This includes crimes such as shoplifting, robbery, and burglary. The penalties in these cases depend on the specific allegations involved, and can range from thousands of dollars in fines and months in jail to hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and several years behind bars.
Violent Crimes – Along with assault and battery, our Vineland defense lawyers also represent individuals charged with other types of violent crimes. This includes child abuse, domestic abuse, manslaughter, and murder.
White Collar Crimes – If you need a Vineland defense lawyer for a white-collar case, we have the experience you need to protect your reputation, finances, and freedom. Our firm handles all types of white-collar criminal cases in Vineland, including those involving allegations of embezzlement, fraud, identity theft, money laundering, and public corruption.
Other Crimes – In addition to the crimes listed above, our defense lawyers represent individuals charged with all other crimes prosecuted under New Jersey law. This includes (but is not limited to) arson, child pornography, hate crimes, internet crimes, resisting arrest, and sexting.

Domestic Violence Defense

New Jersey law defines domestic violence as the commission of a crime against a spouse, partner, former spouse or partner, or other protected family member. Crimes that can be prosecuted as domestic violence include (but are not limited to) assault, battery, criminal restraint, kidnapping, false imprisonment, harassment, and stalking. Accusations can have immediate and lasting consequences; and, in order to mitigate (or avoid) these consequences,
you will need an experienced Vineland domestic violence lawyer on your side.

Our firm represents individuals accused of all forms of domestic violence. If you are facing accusations, we can fight to protect you against an unfair restraining order, and we can fight to protect your freedom in court. The initial stages of these cases can move quickly, so it is important that you speak with a lawyer right away.

When you contact us, we will arrange for you to meet with a Vineland domestic violence lawyer in confidence. Your lawyer will explain your situation and evaluate your potential defenses. Your lawyer will also investigate to gather evidence of false accusations or other relevant facts, and then your lawyer will use this evidence to protect you to the fullest extent possible.

DUI / DWI Defense

Facing a drunk driving charge is also a very serious matter in New Jersey. Even as a first-time offender, you could be facing jail time among other penalties. But, there are several potential defenses to drunk driving charges, and a Vineland DUI attorney at Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A. can defend you by all means available.

Some examples of the defenses our attorneys may be able to assert on your behalf include:

● Unlawful traffic stop (i.e., racial profiling)
● Invalid breathalyzer test results
● Invalid field sobriety test results
● Insufficient evidence of guilt
● You weren’t driving drunk

While proving that you weren’t intoxicated is one way to fight a drunk driving charge in New Jersey, you don’t have to prove your innocence in order to avoid a conviction. If a Vineland DWI lawyer can expose any flaws in the prosecution’s case, this could be enough to save you from life-altering consequences.


Our Vineland expungement attorneys help people get their lives back. If you have been living with a criminal record, you know just how devastating a conviction can be. The consequences of a conviction do not end once you’ve served your sentence—and they may never end unless you file for expungement.

Expunging your criminal record truly gives you a new lease on life. For example, expungement frequently results in individuals being able to purchase firearms (some convictions will bar someone from having a gun and/or prevent them from getting a gun purchase permit). If you would like to know more, our Vineland expungement attorneys can assess your eligibility and answer any questions you may have. If you are eligible to file, our attorneys can file on your
behalf and we can address any challenges that may arise during the process.

Divorce, DYFS, and Other Family Law Matters

We represent Vineland residents in all family-related legal matters, from preparing prenuptial agreements to navigating the divorce process, and from adopting to dealing with child custody enforcement. We have significant experience dealing with the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency (formerly known as the Division of Youth and Family Services
(DYFS)) as well, and our Vineland DYFS lawyers can help you protect your parental rights if necessary.

Regardless of your specific issue, we encourage you to contact us if you would like to speak with a Vineland family lawyer. We will arrange for you to meet with a lawyer one-on-one, and everything you discuss with your lawyer will be held in strict confidence. If you decide that you would like to move forward, we will work with you to develop a cost-effective plan, and you and your lawyer will continue working closely together for the remainder of our engagement.

Immigration Applications, Waivers, and Removal Defense

We also represent individuals in immigration-related matters. Our immigration lawyers have extensive experience helping foreign nationals secure and protect their right to live and work in the United States. Contact us today to speak with a Vineland immigration lawyer regarding any of the following:

Adjustment of Status Applications
Asylum Applications
Employment-Based Immigration
Inadmissibility Waivers
● Lawful Permanent Resident (Green Card) Applications
● Removal Defense (Fighting Deportation)
● Visa Applications
Visa Extensions
● Other Immigration Matters

When dealing with any type of immigration-related issue, it is important to have experienced legal representation. Mistakes can lead to significant delays (and costs); and, in some cases, they can jeopardize your ability to remain in the United States. Our immigration lawyers are intimately familiar with the issues foreign nationals often encounter when dealing with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)—and they are equally familiar with the
steps involved in resolving these issues favorably.

Traffic Court Defense

Did you get a traffic ticket in Vineland? If so, you need to make sure you understand what is at stake before you pay for your ticket. Admitting guilt can have a variety of direct and indirect consequences, and it can be far more expensive than most people realize. Contact us to speak with a Vineland traffic violation attorney and ensure that you are making the right decision.

Our attorneys represent individuals charged with careless driving, speeding, driving on a suspended license, and other common traffic violations. We also represent individuals who are facing additional consequences due to a failure to appear. If you have received a ticket, do not make mistakes that will make your situation worse than it already is. Instead, make the right choice and get help from an experienced Vineland traffic court lawyer who knows how to protect

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