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Local Government

The attorneys in our local government department have extensive experience in matters involving municipal and county governments. They have served as attorneys for municipalities, planning boards, zoning boards and joint land use boards.  In addition, they have served as special counsel to assist local governments with specific issues and as independent hearing officers when needed by local governing bodies. 

Our local government team has also represented applicants appearing before local government agencies seeking approvals for particular projects.  They have lectured on local government ethics, the open public meetings law and on the Open Public Records Act.  The team has provided guidance on the provisions of the New Jersey Tort Claims Act and our attorneys have considerable experience representing police officers and other governmental officials in litigation arising out of their positions as public officials

Ethics Training

Many local government officials are required to have an annual ethics training and some towns want that training for all of their employees.  It is convenient to have the training in the municipality and the local government practice group, led by William Kearns, can accommodate that need.

Bill has served as General Counsel for the New Jersey League of Municipalities since 1997 and is a past president of the International Municipal Lawyers Association.  He has represented municipalities, planning and zoning boards as well as applicants seeking redevelopment and land use approvals.

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