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Medical Directives

Preparing medical directives is a critical component of the estate planning process. As we age, we inevitably face the possibility that we may become unable to care for ourselves and make our own decisions about medical care. Medical directives allow us to protect ourselves and take the burden off of our loved ones by making advance decisions and prescribing courses of action under varying medical circumstances.

Of course, aging is not the only risk factor for incapacity. Accidents can cause debilitating injuries and change individuals’ and families’ lives in the blink of an eye. While no one plans to suffer catastrophic injuries in a traumatic accident, accidents happen, and everyone should have a plan in place to ensure that their loved ones are not left to make difficult decisions under uncertain circumstances on their behalf.

New Jersey Estate Planning Attorneys for Medical Directives

In New Jersey, medical directives fall into two categories: (i) “proxy directives” or “powers of attorney for healthcare,” and (ii) “instruction directives” or “living wills.” With a proxy directive, you provide directions to a “healthcare representative,” who takes on the responsibility to make medical decisions on your behalf should you become physically or mentally incapable of making these decisions on your own.

There are several considerations that go into preparing a proxy directive, each of which requires thoughtful consideration in light of your personal beliefs, desires and family circumstances. For example:

  • Who do you wish to appoint as your healthcare representative?
  • Who do you wish to appoint as your alternate representative should your original appointee become unable or unwilling to undertake responsibility for directing your medical care?
  • Do you wish to give your representative the authority (and responsibility) to make decisions about life-sustaining measures? Or, do you prefer to address specific circumstances individually?
  • Do you wish for your representative to consult with other family members prior to making any decisions about your care?

While there is a proxy directive form available from the New Jersey Department of Health, we strongly recommend that you work with your estate planning attorney to prepare your medical directive. Ambiguities in directive language and questions of enforceability can lead to contentious disputes among family members, and physicians may be reluctant to rely on proxy directives that have not been prepared in clear compliance with the necessary standards. The purpose of preparing a medical directive is to avoid uncertainty – for your own benefit and for the benefit of your loved ones – and an experienced estate planning lawyer will be able to help ensure that your directive serves its intended purpose. You will want to make sure that your proxy directive is consistent with your instruction directive and other estate planning documents as well.

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