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Hackensack Criminal Defense Lawyers

Hackensack Criminal Defense LawyersHelmer, Conley & Kasselman’s  Bergen County Hackensack location anchors its statewide practice in the Northern part of the state.  Highly experienced Hackensack criminal defense lawyers maintain a full time presence at this location.  The office’s video conferencing capability allows clients in the Northern counties to easily meet with any of the HCK NJ personal injury attorneys, NJ Family lawyers and NJ Immigration lawyers. Consistent with the firms commitment to deliver high quality, high value, client focused services, the firms video conferencing capabilities and multiple locations save clients travel time and inconvenience.

New Jersey criminal lawyers assist clients with a wide variety of problems. Juvenile matters are handled differently from adult criminal matters. HCK team members have extensive experience in dealing with the juvenile court system. Many HCK Criminal Defense Attorneys were formerly juvenile prosecutors and thus they are familiar with the system from both sides, which enable them to represent clients with competence and confidence.

HCK’s Hackensack criminal defense lawyers frequently appear in municipal court for lesser offenses and to answer DUI charges.  One of the firms attorneys was a key participant in the development of the state’s DUI laws and DUI defense is an area of focus for the firm.  The firms attorneys also frequently manage more serious and complex cases including homicides, drug and weapons offenses and Megan’s law offenses.  The firms attorneys are very aware of the impact on individuals and their families and friends when someone is accused of a crime.  HCK lawyers and their staff remain available as a source of information and support to client families and friends throughout their representation.  Of course, client confidentially is respected at all times; however families and friends still need to understand the progress of a case and its outcome. HCK attorneys are available to them during this difficult time.

Many clients with criminal matters must also deal with associated family law or immigration matters.  HCK’s family law and immigration attorneys work closely with the firms NJ Criminal Defense to give clients a comprehensive resolution to all their concerns. Challenges with child custody or visitation can arise when there is a criminal complaint. Domestic violence convictions can impact on the jobs of some clients.  Deportation can be a consideration for other clients with criminal matters.  A well rounded team that includes attorneys with experience in all relevant areas will serve a client well.

While Hackensack is not a common sightseeing destination, there are some activities worth visiting. The New Jersey Naval Museum and World War II submarine, USS Ling, are open for group tours. There is also a Hackensack River County Park and Borg’s Woods Nature Preserve. Finally, for those in need of ‘retail therapy’, the Shops at Riverside is a frequently updated upscale shopping mall. Of course, Hackensack is only minutes away from New York City and all the wonders there.

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Hackensack Office

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