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Child Abuse & Endangerment Allegations

We Defend Parents and Others Accused of Child Abuse and Endangerment in Domestic Violence Cases. Discuss Your Case with an Experienced New Jersey Defense Attorney

Allegations of child abuse or endangerment are among the most serious allegations you can face in New Jersey. Child abuse and endangerment convictions can lead to substantial penalties, and they can follow you in all aspects of your life. As a result, if you are facing allegations of child abuse or endangerment in a domestic violence case, it is important that you seek help from a New Jersey criminal lawyer right away. 

In the majority of cases, if you are involved in a domestic violence case, and your children are present, or you have children, the case will be much more complicated and may involve the Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP), formerly known as DYFS. This DCPP involvement can lead to more serious consequences including the loss of parenting time or custody. 

We represent parents and other individuals charged with all forms of child abuse and endangerment under New Jersey’s Prevention of Domestic Violence Act (PDVA). While these allegations carry serious consequences in all scenarios, the consequences of a conviction can be especially severe when the child involved qualifies as a “protected person” under the PDVA. With our experience handling all types of domestic violence cases, we are intimately familiar with the risks you are facing, and we can fight to ensure that you do not face any unnecessary consequences.

When Can You Face Child Abuse and Endangerment Charges in a Domestic Violence Case?

Child abuse and endangerment allegations can take many different forms. Understandably, New Jersey’s child abuse laws are broad to ensure that children receive as much protection as possible.

But, in many cases, allegations of child abuse and endangerment are misguided. False allegations are not uncommon, and police officers usually err on the side of protecting potential victims. As a result, if you have been arrested, this does not necessarily mean that you are guilty. An experienced New Jersey criminal lawyer may be able to assert several defenses on your behalf. This is true for all types of child abuse and endangerment allegations, including:

  • Child neglect
  • Inadequate child supervision
  • Performing indecent or immoral acts in a child’s presence
  • Physical or sexual contact with a child
  • Use of physical punishment

How Can You Defend Against Child Abuse and Endangerment Charges Under the PDVA?

While being charged with child abuse or endangerment can be a frightening and stressful experience, it is important to understand that you have defenses available regardless of the facts at hand. However, it is also important to understand that you may need to act quickly to assert these defenses effectively. Our team of experienced litigators can represent you in criminal court, domestic violence court and DCPP court.  

When you contact us, we will arrange for you to discuss your case with an experienced New Jersey defense attorney in confidence as soon as possible. Your attorney will thoroughly examine the facts of your case to determine what defenses he or she can assert on your behalf. Then, based on this assessment, you can make informed decisions about your next steps. Informed decision-making is critical, and you need to avoid making any assumptions that could leave you unnecessarily exposed to a life-altering conviction.

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