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Criminal Law: Weapons Offenses

New Jersey Criminal Lawyers For Defending Against Weapons Charges

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The law defines weapons offenses as follows:

  • Having a weapon of any kind without a lawful purpose;
  • Having firearms or guns without proper permits for possession and/or for carrying them;
  • Using or threatening to use any weapon against another person or thing.

Weapons include knives, bats, tire irons, stars, or any other object that is being used as a weapon. Those convicted of weapons offenses face probation to more than five years in prison, depending on the nature of the offense.

 The most serious crimes involve the possession or unlawful use of a firearm, such as machine guns, rifles, shotguns, automatic guns, pistols, BB guns, or pellet guns. A conviction for having just one of these firearms, without a permit, carries a prison sentence of at least five years. Some weapons convictions result in an even longer prison sentence. Often they come with the requirement that the person serve one third, one half, or 85 percent of the prison term before being eligible for parole.

Anyone previously convicted of a felony could be sentenced to at least five years without parole for a weapons charge.

Avoid the Harsh Penalties of a Weapons Conviction with a Top New Jersey Criminal Lawyer

Because of the serious consequences of these charges, it is very important to immediately hire the services of an excellent NJ attorney. The criminal lawyers at Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A. have successfully represented hundreds of individuals charged with weapons offenses, and we will fight to uphold our client's rights.

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