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Employment Litigation

At Helmer Legal, our employment litigation practice focuses on the needs of closely held businesses and smaller employers. While much of our work takes place within the context of an established attorney-client relationship with an employer, we also represent companies in freestanding engagements to resolve a particular employment law dispute.

Contact us to discuss your potential or actual employment litigation problem with a lawyer familiar with state and federal employment law in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In the past, we have represented employees in matters related to discrimination, sexual harassment, restrictive covenants and wrongful termination claims, and our insight into the ways plaintiffs’ lawyers evaluate and pursue employment law claims can be highly beneficial to employers involved in similar disputes.

Employment Law in South Jersey and Philadelphia

The best approach to avoiding liability on employment law claims is to understand the rights and responsibilities of employers, managers, supervisors and employees, and then to develop and implement consistently applied policies that comply with state and federal law. Our lawyers advise many south Jersey and metro Philadelphia companies about the most effective ways to minimize employment litigation risk.

Our lawyers are also experienced with the negotiation, documentation and enforcement of professional or executive employment contracts. These agreements typically address such matters as incentive compensation, equity options, cause for termination, severance terms and detailed provisions on considerations such as trade secrets, nonsolicitation, noncompetition and confidentiality.

When problems arise in a particular employment relationship involving employees at any level, our law firm’s experience in civil litigation and administrative proceedings can help point the way to a prompt and cost-effective resolution. We handle employment litigation problems related to:

  • Claims of discrimination based on age, race, sex, pregnancy, disability, sexual orientation or any other protected classification under applicable law
  • Sexual harassment cases
  • Claims of employer retaliation, wrongful termination or constructive discharge
  • Employee claims related to vacation leave, maternity leave, medical leave or other rights related to the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Disputes involving rights asserted under New Jersey’s Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA)
  • Employer claims for violation of such restrictive covenants as nonsolicitation agreements, noncompete agreements or confidentiality agreements
  • Problems related to temporary employment, part-time employment, employment agency relationships or independent contractor arrangements
  • Problems related to the performance or enforcement of a severance agreement
  • Employment law issues related to negotiations for the purchase or sale of a business

Whether your company needs employment law advice as part of an ongoing general counsel relationship or litigation counsel on a particular problem, Helmer Legal can assist you. Contact us for the advice of an experienced employment law attorney.

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