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Data Security Services

Remediation and Preventive Services from Our New Jersey Data Security Lawyers

Large-scale data breaches have become a regular occurrence. Whether it is a multinational corporation like Sony losing millions of dollars worth of information, a local police department having its arrest records ransomed back to it, or a small business losing its order database, digital intrusions are a serious threat. A 2015 study by IBM found that the average cost of a business data breach is $3.8 million. That’s 23% more than 2013, and is projected to continue to grow in the future.

Thankfully organizations are not alone when it comes to data security. The attorneys in the Internet Law Department at Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A. are ready to step in and help protect your organization. Our Business Law and Litigation Department gives us a unique insight into the needs of modern businesses and government agencies. We offer a comprehensive solution that can be custom-tailored to your organization’s needs and budget.

We offer two branches of data security services: prevention and remediation. Our preventive services are focused on ensuring that your organization does not suffer a data breach in the first place. Our remediation services are designed to get your organization back on its feet after a data breach and clean up and minimize the damage. Whatever your organization’s current situation, we can help.

Remediation Services

The Internet Law attorneys at Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A. know how to handle a data breach. We can help you to get your systems back up and running, coordinate with your technology support as well as law enforcement, and comply with all applicable notification laws. Our approach is centered around minimizing the damage to your organization’s infrastructure and reputation. And because we know that your organization cannot afford to take a break, we will work around your schedule, with as little interruption to you as possible.

If your organization has already suffered a data breach, we can help you minimize the damage with the following services:

  • Breach Forensics – The technology consultants with whom we work can provide comprehensive computer forensic services to locate the source of the breach and identify the information that was compromised. They are recognized experts in data security and have extensive experience investigating these types of intrusions.
  • Law Enforcement Coordination – We can act as your organization’s contact to help law enforcement do their job while minimizing your organization’s public exposure. Depending on their size, data breaches can be investigated by many state and federal agencies, including the FBI, New Jersey State Police, and others.
  • Insurance Documentation – We can work with your insurance adjuster (or recommend one) to help catalog everything important for later use with an insurance claim. Since we know how data breaches happen, we are well situated to assist your adjuster in achieving a good outcome with your insurance policies. We can also help you find and apply for cybersecurity insurance if you didn’t have it at the time of the breach.
  • Breach Notification – We can help you to understand applicable data breach laws, and make any required notifications to prevent additional consequences. There are several state and federal laws mandating what your organization must do in the case of a breach. Failing to comply with these laws can subject your organization to fines, penalties, and increased civil liability.
  • Remediation – After the immediate problems are handled, we can work with you to fix whatever issues caused your breach to decrease the likelihood of a breach happening again. We can also help you find and fix other vulnerabilities, assess your risk, upgrade your systems, and plan for the future.
  • Public Relations Coordination – Fixing a data breach may mean nothing if it causes irreparable damage to your organization’s reputation. That’s why we work with public relations specialists to ensure that information about your breach is released in a controlled manner. By setting the narrative, we put your organization ahead of the curve and try to limit the damage to the way your organization is perceived.

Preventive Services 

It is always cheaper and easier to prevent catastrophes than to clean them up later. The Internet Law Department at Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A. has developed a comprehensive solution to help prevent data breaches. We offer several key services to harden your existing networks and technology against attack.

From evaluating your current infrastructure to overseeing upgrades and training your employees, we are your organization’s one stop shop for data security. We know that data security is not the primary focus of your business. So we work with your existing technology providers and staff to make the transition to a more secure future as seamless as possible.

Our preventive services include:

  • Security Audits – We can work with many experienced technology providers, including yours, to evaluate your current information technologies and find most existing vulnerabilities. Our consultants have years of experience in technology security and can often find many problems before hackers do.
  • Risk Management – Following an audit, we can identify your organization’s weak spots and give you personalized recommendations to address them. We know that you want to get back doing the work of your organization, not worrying about computer security. So we can explain, in understandable language, how you should prioritize.
  • Security Upgrades – After our consultants have identified improvement opportunities and proposed a plan to address them, we can oversee the required security upgrades for you. This will let you worry about the more important parts of your organization without sacrificing the critical need for digital safety.
  • Policies and Procedures – Our attorneys can work with you to understand the individual needs of your organization, and formulate written policies and procedures to minimize your risk. Having these policies in place helps reduce the likelihood of a breach, and may help reduce your liability in the event that one occurs.
  • Compliance Review – Does your organization accept credit card payments? Are you covered by HIPAA or other regulations? Do you have your own website? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, we can help you understand what rules are applicable to your organization and the best ways to comply with them. Being proactive may prevent substantial fines and penalties against you and your organization.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Standards – The rise of smartphones and other devices has led to an increase in stolen data. We can advise you with steps to take so that any devices that your employees use to connect to your organization’s data should be adequately secured. We can also provide you with the appropriate policies and agreements to limit your organization’s liability in the case of loss or stolen data.
  • Staff Training – We can help “secure the human” by educating your staff about the most common threats and how to respond to them. Rather than bogging your people down with complex technical information, we present things in an easy-to-understand format. We will tailor our discussions to the unique circumstances of your organization so that your staff can understand the best practices available.
  • Setting Expectations – Employees of businesses and government agencies may not understand the rules covering their usage of company technologies. We can review your organization’s technologies and structure, and help explain to your employees what they can and cannot do on company computers and networks. We can also show your employees how to secure corporate, government, employee, and customer data.

By making your organization more secure, we help to make it a much less inviting target to potential data thieves. Our services will make a successful attack against your organization much less likely. They may also decrease your insurance costs, and will almost certainly minimize the impact of a breach in the event that one does occur.

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