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Family Law: Visitation Rights

Visitation Rights Lawyers in New Jersey

All parents have equal rights to custody and visitation with their child(ren).

Parents can have different types of custody and visitation arrangements based on what best suits their children’s needs.  The most common type of custody situation is joint legal custody. This means both parties have equal say in the care and upbringing of their child(ren). 

But, even in these joint custody situations, there is only one parent that is considered the custodial parent, also known as the parent of primary residence.  When one parent is the parent of primary residence, this means that the children reside with one parent most of the time and have visitation with the other parent. 

The visitation rights of the other parent are usually reached by agreement. The schedule can vary based on the schedules and needs of all parties involved.  The court considers a variety of factors in determining the best visitation schedule for the children.  Such factors include the children’s school schedule, the proximity of the parents to one another, the parents’ work schedule, visitation with step-siblings and a variety of other factors.   

At Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A., our New Jersey family lawyers and divorce attorneys can assist you in getting your visitation rights and/or determining what the best visitation schedule is for you and your children.  We approach each case with the unique attention and care that it deserves.

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