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Child Visitation

Turnersville Visitation Lawyers Experienced in Child Visitation Matters

When parents separate or get divorced, one parent will typically be designated as the parent of primary residence, and the other will have "parenting time" rights. Physical custody and legal custody (the right to have a say in a child’s care and upbringing) are separate issues; and, even where one parent has primary custody and the other has visitation, it is common for the parents to share joint (equal) legal custody. Our Turnersville visitation lawyers are highly-experienced in helping separating and divorcing parents develop workable custody and visitation schedules. We represent parents in litigious custody battles as well, although this is far less common.

Another critical fact about visitation in New Jersey is that fathers are not automatically relegated to seeing their children every other weekend. New Jersey law does not inherently favor either parent, and there are a variety of different options for structuring physical custody and visitation schedules that work for the parents. Ultimately, the focus must be on serving the best interests of the couple’s children, and this can mean different things under different circumstances.

Experienced Attorneys for Establishing Physical Custody and Visitation Rights in Turnersville, NJ

With the plethora of options available, divorcing and separating parents will usually be able to come to terms; and, once our clients are satisfied, our attorneys draft clear and enforceable custody agreements that serve as roadmaps to help prevent disputes down the road.

As a parent, when you are preparing to go through a divorce or separation, it is important to thing about your goals with regard to child custody and visitation. Recognizing that the New Jersey courts do not grant sole custody except in extreme circumstances, divorcing and separating parents should think critically about what they want, what their spouse or partner wants, and what they are both likely to be willing to live with in order to move on from their relationship. Some issues to think about in particular include:

  • Weekends
  • Holidays
  • Spring break and summer vacation
  • Out-of-state travel
  • Pick-up and drop-off schedules
  • Curfews and rules regarding friends and cell phones
  • Unplanned conflicts with standard visitation schedules

When you work with one of our Turnersville child visitation lawyers, we will help you address these and all other pertinent issues in a way that meets your needs while serving the best interests of your children. We will work with your spouse’s or partner’s legal counsel to achieve an amicable resolution, but we will also make absolutely clear that you are not going to settle for less than you and your children deserve.

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For more information about establishing child custody and visitation during a divorce or separation in New Jersey, please contact us to arrange a confidential initial consultation. To schedule an appointment with our Turnersville visitation lawyers, please call 856-232-7000 or inquire online today.

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