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Victims of Construction Accidents Beware

New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer

Construction related accidents do not only happen to construction workers, they often happen to innocent victims who suffer serious and sometimes fatal injuries as a result of construction site negligence by a construction company employee, the use of faulty materials or by the carelessness of a subcontractor not adequately supervised. We all remember the horror of the construction accident in Philadelphia where several people were seriously injured and two killed while shopping at a thrift store, as a result of a crane operator operating this massive piece of machinery while under the influence of painkillers.

There are innocent people who everyday sustain serious and permanent injuries as a result of construction debris negligently discarded or improper installations in buildings due to faulty workmanship. These accidents can occur long after the construction site has closed down. Serious injuries have occurred from stucco falling on pedestrians from a building’s façade or a window improperly installed crashing from eight stories above onto a passerby. Construction debris is also a hazard to the public due to poor maintenance. Slip and fall accidents often occur as a result of construction debris found on the street, sidewalk or parking. 

If you or someone you know has been a victim of the negligence of a contractor, subcontractor or property owner where construction is taking place or has taken place, it is essential that you contact a New Jersey personal injury lawyer experienced in construction accidents.  Recovery for injuries and other damages are based upon a quick and thorough investigation of all circumstances surrounding the construction accident, including the complications that arise from who the responsible and negligent party or parties may be.

The construction accident victim must receive immediate and first class medical attention.  Priority must also be given to promptly securing evidence, investigating the scene and obtaining witness statements. An experienced lawyer from our New Jersey personal injury law firm can direct these essentials. In addition, there is a maze of insurance issues that may need to be sorted out such as what insurance company(s) is responsible for the damages of the accident or occurrence. There is also the potential negligence of the landowner or building owner for injuries and damages.

Drivers of vehicles may also suffer serious injuries and losses due to a construction mishap. This can occur when a driver of a vehicle cannot see construction debris on the road surface and be forced to strike another vehicle or skid due to a slippery construction substance on the street thereby striking an object or even another person.

Many times, especially in cities, government entities are involved in construction projects on a local, state or federal level.  Under these circumstances notice of your injuries and damages must be given to the proper governmental body via special notice requirements. If these notice requirements are not met in a timely fashion, your claim for injuries and damages may not be honored.     

Simply put, construction accidents that occur to innocent people happen often and are very complicated. They involve detailed insurance issues as well as corporate and jurisdictional determinations. These issues demand the prompt review of an attorney to protect your rights and the rights of your loved ones. Contact the Helmer, Conley & Kasselman law firm today to speak with an experienced attorney.

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