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Personal Injury/Negligence: Animal/Dog Bites

If you are hurt by a dog bite or an animal attack, you may experience serious physical injuries as well as significant emotional trauma caused by the incident. You deserve full and fair compensation and should consult with an animal bite attorney for help getting the money you deserve.

At Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, PA, our experienced attorneys know the laws on canine bite incidents and other claims arising from animal attacks. We will help you negotiate a settlement allowing you to obtain compensation without court action, or can represent you in litigation when you need to go to court to get the money you deserve.

Your Rights After a Dog Bite

New Jersey Statutes section 4:19-16 outlines the rules for liability of dog owners after a bite or an animal attack incident. The law makes clear that a dog's owner is responsible for any bite that takes place in a public place or that occurs when the bite victim is lawfully on the dog owner's property. The former viciousness of the dog is not a relevant factor and it does not matter if the dog's owner was aware of the likelihood an attack will occur. Dog owners are strictly liable for damages and losses.

Understanding the strict liability rule applicable to dog bite liability is essential for victims, because laws like New Jersey's make it easier for those injured by a dog attack to make a claim. While the law is clear that the dog's owner is responsible, you still need to go through the formal legal process of making a claim. You may also be dealing with insurance companies who try to undervalue your losses or may try to deny your legitimate claim and argue the dog's attack was provoked.

Protecting yourself during the process of getting dog bite compensation is imperative, as a bite can cause very serious and lasting damage. An animal bite lawyer at Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, PA will offer you the representation you both need and deserve as you fight for your right to full and fair compensation after any attack.

Getting Help From a New Jersey Dog Bite Lawyer after an Animal Attack

An attorney can provide assistance when an adult or a child suffered any injuries due to a dog attack, including injuries resulting from bites or from being knocked over by an aggressive dog. Whatever the harm you endured as a result of an animal attack, we'll work hard to help you receive full and fair compensation for all resulting losses.

Animal attacks often necessitate plastic surgery and other costly medical care. Permanent disfigurement may result, and you may experience significant emotional trauma as well as a decrease in your quality of life due to the bite incident. We firmly believe you deserve to be fully compensated for all losses and we will work hard to get you the monetary damages you deserve. Call Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, PA to speak with an animal bite attorney to learn more: 877-HELMER1.

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