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Disciplinary Actions

You have worked hard to earn a professional license and build a career. But facing disciplinary action by an administrative board can destroy all you have worked for. Suspension or the permanent loss of your ability to work within your chosen field is a significant risk, and you need to respond proactively to fight accusations that could lead to the loss of your ability to work.

The field of administrative law is unlike any other, as different boards have their own rules and protocols for disciplinary procedures. The administrative attorneys at Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A. have focused their careers on providing representation for professionals whose livelihoods are being threatened. Call us today to speak with a New Jersey professional license lawyer so we can represent you before the board that is pursuing disciplinary proceedings against you.

Who is Subject to Disciplinary Actions by Administrative Boards?

Any professional within the state of New Jersey who must be licensed, or who works under the purview of an organization with an administrative board, could face disciplinary action by that board or organization. Professionals who are subject to administrative rules include:

  • Law enforcement officers, who are subject to disciplinary actions by internal affairs.
  • Firefighters, who may face a departmental hearing for alleged wrongdoing.
  • Teachers, who may be required to come before the Board of Education.
  • Accountants, who may be disciplined by the Board of Accountancy.
  • Dentists, who are subject to the jurisdiction of the New Jersey State Board of Dentistry.
  • Doctors, surgeons, nurses, chiropractors, podiatrists, and other care providers who are subject to discipline by various licensing boards that are part of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, such as the State Board of Medical Examiners.

These are just a few examples of the professionals in New Jersey who may be subject to administrative processes that affect their careers. There are different protocols for disciplinary proceedings conducted by various boards and agencies, but every professional accused of wrongdoing must be given the opportunity to raise defenses to accusations. Since your professional future is at stake, you must ensure you have the legal help you need to respond assertively and develop an effective defense strategy.

How a Professional License Lawyer Can Help

Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A. is a firm focused on representing professionals who are facing administrative actions and internal disciplinary proceedings. Our attorneys have been recognized with awards for the legal services we provide to clients and we are known for our strong reputation among clients and peers. We have decades of collective experience providing legal guidance to clients facing disciplinary actions and we begin developing the best strategic responses to accusations from day one.

Knowing your rights and the rules for when you may be subject to discipline is difficult. Our attorneys understand administrative law, know how disciplinary proceedings unfold, and will help you raise defenses against accusations that could lead to the loss of your rights to work within your chosen career field. The goal is to help you get the best outcome possible from the proceedings, whether this means a full return to your work with no discipline at all or a minimum penalty that allows you to keep your license, pension and benefits for the long-term.

To learn more about the assistance we can offer to clients facing internal or administrative disciplinary action, call Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A. today to speak with a professional license lawyer in New Jersey.

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