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New Jersey Municipal Court Lawyer: Bad Checks

New Jersey defines makes it a crime to pass checks, or make electronic funds transfers, with the knowledge that they will not be honored. Defendants are presumed to have known that their checks were bad if they are drawn on a nonexistent account, or drawn on an account without sufficient funds. Anyone who writes a bad check, even if they believed it would be honored, has 10 days to make good on payment or they are guilty of this crime.

Writing bad checks can be a crime of either the second, third, or fourth degree, or a disorderly persons offense, depending on the amount of the check. Most times, bad checks are prosecuted as a disorderly persons offense in municipal court. This means that most defendants charged with writing bad checks do not get a jury trial.

If you are charged with writing bad checks, do not take the matter lightly. A bad checks conviction can carry many serious consequences, including significant fines and penalties, jail time, the loss of your job, and a permanent criminal record.

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