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Real Estate

1. Do I need an attorney for the purchase and sale of a home?

 If you are planning or are entering into a purchase or sale of a home, it is highly recommended for you to contact a real estate attorney. Only they will be able to completely explain the issues to you, protect your rights, and adequately handle any disputes that might arise in the transaction.

2. The offer is accepted and we have a signed contract. What happens next?

When the contract is signed by both sides, it gets delivered to the buyers’ and sellers’ attorneys. Then attorney review begins.

3. What is "attorney review"?

Within three business days of the receipt of a fully signed contract, either or both attorneys can send letters to the other attorney either accepting the contract as is, rejecting the contract unless certain changes are made to it, or asking that the contract be modified for various procedural ways that do not directly impact the validity of the contract. For instance, instead of rejecting the contract, it is accepted with the listed changes but, until both sides agree on all issues that each side brings up, attorney review continues and can last as little as one day or as long as one month.


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