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1. Can I move out of state with my children even though my ex-spouse and I have joint custody?

That depends on where and why you are moving out of state.

2. Do I still have to pay child support for my child who has turned 18?

That depends on many factors, such as whether the child is in school, planning to go to college or working. You would need to file a successful motion for emancipation of the child to be excused from paying support.


3. My ex-spouse is paying support for our three children. When the oldest child is emancipated will I receive one-third less?

No, you will receive the proper amount of support based on two children. That is usually higher proportionately than for three children. The court will look at your and your ex-spouse's financial picture and determine a new amount of support.

4. DYFS (Division of Youth and Family Services) has taken my children because they suspect child abuse. What can I do?

Hire an attorney immediately to challenge the actions of DYFS. An attorney can challenge their witnesses and proofs to resolve the matter.


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