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1. I was pulled over by the police on suspicion of DWI. Do I have to submit to a breathalyzer?

In New Jersey all motorists, residents or non-residents, must consent to an alcotest (breathalyzer test ) when driving on public roads. Failure to take an alcotest (breathalyzer) is an offense in itself carrying the same, if not more severe, penalties as a DWI.

2. What happens if I get caught driving with a suspended license for having a DWI?

There is a huge fine, license suspension up to two additional years, and mandatory jail time.

3. Do I need a lawyer for my DWI if I am guilty?

ABSOLUTELY.  An attorney can argue for the minimum penalties, dismiss other offenses and minimize the likelihood of a DWI-related civil lawsuit.

4. What is the legal limit of intoxication in NJ?

A blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 is the threshold for driving while intoxicated in New Jersey, along with a majority of other states. In New Jersey a person can be convicted solely on the failure of physical tests, regardless of the alcohol reading.

5. I am not from NJ and do not have a NJ license. Why should I care about having a DWI conviction?

New Jersey is a state that reports through the interstate compact system. Therefore, a conviction in New Jersey can lead to penalties in the state where you are licensed. It is important to get the best outcome possible in New Jersey so there are no or little consequences in your home state.


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