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1. Since the matter is only before municipal court and not the Superior Court, can I still be sentenced to jail time?

YES! The penalties for many of the offenses that fall within municipal court jurisdiction include the possibility of jail time.

2. If I get a traffic ticket and just ignore it, what can happen?

If you fail to pay the required fine for an offense that does not require you to appear in court, or if you fail to appear before the municipal court on the date scheduled for an offense that does require you to appear in person, the municipal court will probably issue a warrant for your arrest and suspend your driving privileges.

3. I received a letter from the Motor Vehicle Commission advising me that they will suspend my license. Can I request a hearing?

YES! Frequently you can avoid or shorten a license suspension by having a knowledgeable defense attorney argue your case at a hearing.

4. Can I appeal a municipal court conviction?

YES, if you file an appeal within 20 days of the court's decision.

5. Do I need a lawyer in municipal court if I am guilty?

Definitely.  The municipal court has to find you guilty by evidence that convinces the court beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty. An attorney can also negotiate a dismissal of some of the charges or a reduction in the charges.


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