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1. Can I be fired because my supervisor does not like me?

NO! If your supervisor fired you because he/she does not like you, there are ways to get your job back. We can help you!

2. If I am suspended pending my disciplinary and/or criminal hearing, does the department have to pay me?

No. You need to have the matter resolved as quickly as possible to get reinstated into the department. If the charges are resolved not-guilty or dropped, you are entitled to the pay you missed while suspended.

3. Does the department have to continue to pay for my medical benefits if I am suspended without pay?

No. The department does not have to pay for medical benefits. That is why it is important to have aggressive representation to handle the matter, so you can return to work and have your medical benefits restored.

4. Can I bring a lawsuit against my town for reimbursement of my attorney's fees if I am exonerated?

YES. Usually the town should reimburse you for legal fees once you are exonerated.


Call Us - Problem Solved

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