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Criminal Law: Aggravated Assault

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At the law offices of Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A., three of the firm's lawyers are Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as Criminal Trial Attorneys. This means each of these attorneys has achieved an extraordinary level of experience and recognized legal skill.

Aggravated assault is a serious crime. Penalties range from probation to ten years in prison (often with 8 ½ years required before parole). The aggravating factor, such as use of weapons or attacks on law enforcement, increases penalties. Aggravated assault charges in NJ include:

  • Causing, or attempting to cause, serious bodily injury;
  • Assaults with weapons;
  • Assaults with cars;
  • Assaults on police or firefighters;
  • Assaults on school teachers or officials; and
  • Assaults on the elderly.

There are also many defenses for assault charges including:

  • Self-defense;
  • Defending someone else;
  • Defending property;
  • Duress;
  • Getting rid of a trespasser;
  • Intoxication—being under the influence of drugs or medication; and
  • Mental problems or illness.

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