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Drunk Driving: A Brief Overview of New Jersey DUI/DWI Laws

If you have been arrested for DUI/DWI in New Jersey, it can be difficult to find clear and straightforward information about your situation. The law is complicated, and some law firms will try to scare you into contacting them for an expensive consultation. At Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A., we want you to make informed decisions about your DUI/DWI defense. Use these resources to learn about the laws that apply in your case, and then contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our experienced DUI lawyers.

The Traffic Offense of DUI/DWI

Under New Jersey law, DUI/DWI is a traffic offense, not a crime (“driving under the influence” and “driving while intoxicated” are synonymous in New Jersey). However, despite this distinction, New Jersey’s drunk driving penalties are among the harshest in the nation. Click to read the language of New Jersey’s drunk driving statute and learn about some key factors that could affect your DUI/DWI case.

DUI/DWI Penalties in New Jersey

Driver’s license suspension. Fines. Insurance surcharge. Mandatory alcohol education. Ignition interlock. Jail time. These are just the beginning of the potential consequences of a DUI/DWI conviction in New Jersey. The penalties increase substantially for second and subsequent offenses, and there are other factors (such as getting arrested in a school zone) that can increase the penalties for a first-time offense as well. Learn more about the penalties for a New Jersey DUI/DWI and how we can help.

New Jersey’s Implied Consent Law

New Jersey’s implied consent law makes it mandatory for anyone suspected of drunk driving to submit to a breath test of their blood alcohol content (BAC). If you refuse the breath test, you will face an additional charge which carries additional penalties on top of your DUI/DWI. In fact, you can be penalized for violating New Jersey’s implied consent law even if you are not ultimately convicted for drunk driving. HCK, P.A. can provide you with more information about the harsh consequences of DUI/DWI refusals under New Jersey’s implied consent law.

Sobriety Checkpoints in New Jersey

Sobriety checkpoints are legal in New Jersey, but they are subject to stringent restrictions designed to protect drivers’ privacy and Constitutional rights. If you were arrested at a sobriety checkpoint, it is critical that you talk to a lawyer who understands the unique laws that apply.

New Jersey’s 0.04 Percent BAC Standard for Commercial Drivers

In New Jersey, like most states, the standard BAC limit for drivers over the age of 21 is 0.08 percent. But, for commercial drivers, a reduced standard of 0.04 percent applies. Commercial drivers can also face additional penalties for a DUI/DWI conviction, including suspension or revocation of their commercial driver’s license (CDL).

Let Us Fight Your New Jersey DUI/DWI

With a team of experienced attorneys, Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A. provides skilled legal representation for individuals facing DUI/DWI charges in New Jersey. If you have been arrested, we encourage you to contact us promptly to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation. To learn more about your situation and start building your defense strategy, call us at 1-877-435-6371 or inquire online today.

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