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New Jersey Municipal Government Law Attorney Discusses Homeowner Laws


Interviewer: Good afternoon, we're here with Bill Kearns, an attorney with the firm of Helmer, Conley, & Kasselman, who's spent many many years, over 50, dealing with municipal and local government law, zoning, and related areas. Mr. Kearns, why do I need an attorney if all I want to do is put an addition on my house?

Bill: Well, getting an addition on your house is more than just going down and getting a building permit. If you're addition is going to encroach on the side setbacks, or rear setbacks of your property, you're going to have to go and get a variance from the zoning ward and the planning ward [SP]. And that is a complex process. You're gonna have to submit plans, you're gonna have to have someone who knows land use law and can guide you through the process. It's not something for an average citizen to handle on their own.  Contact us now for assistance.  

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