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Sexual Assault Lawyer in Haddon Heights, NJ

Being accused of a sexual assault can have lifelong, devastating consequences. Just the accusation can tear apart your family, cost you your job and ruin your reputation in the community. A conviction can result in a harsh prison sentence. Upon release, you face restrictions and humiliations associated with sex offender registry and parole.

You cannot afford to wait to talk to an experienced sexual assault attorney. Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A. has an aggressive team of lawyers at their Haddon Heights office, including NJ Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorneys. If you are arrested for a sexual assault offense in Haddon Heights or elsewhere in New Jersey, remain silent and ask to speak to your attorney.

What is Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault describes several serious offenses. A person who is 18 years or older commits assault by having sexual contact with a child who is 12 or younger. Sex with a teen between 13 and 16 and four years younger than the accused is also considered sexual assault.

A person of any age commits sexual assault by sexually penetrating a person:

  • With physical force that does not injure the person
  • Who is under control of the accused
  • Who is related to the accused and between 16 and 18 years old

The offense is upgraded to aggravated sexual assault if the victim is handicapped or incapacitated, younger than 13 or between the ages of 13 and 16 and related to or under the control of the accused. If the act is committed with a weapon or threat of a weapon or as part of the commission of another crime, the charge is also upgraded to aggravated sexual assault.

Megan’s Law Sex Offender Registration

Once released from prison, Megan’s Law may require you to register as a sex offender with local law enforcement agencies in Haddon Heights or wherever you live and work in New Jersey. The information is stored on a publicly accessible database and your name, address and photograph may be published online. New Jersey classifies offenders in three tiers, with escalating penalties:

  • Tier one. Local police maintain the information, but it is not posted on the Internet.
  • Tier two. Local police maintain the information, which is posted on the Internet and sent to organizations in your community, including schools, camps and childcare centers.
  • Tier three. Local police maintain the information, which is posted on the Internet and sent to everyone in your area, including residents and the organizations.

Even after you have served your time, once you return home to Haddon Heights (or wherever your home is located in New Jersey once you are released), the sex offender registry can follow you for the remainder of your life and cost you job opportunities, relationships, your home and peace from harassment and possibly violence. When we negotiate a plea deal or during sentencing, we consider how this intrusive registry could affect your life and take steps to minimize the impact. For example, we may pursue a lower tier designation, negotiate a lesser non-registry crime or argue against the psychological harm caused by Internet posting and community notification.

Parole Supervision

The court may order lifetime parole supervision upon release for certain sex offenses, including sex assault, aggravated sex assault and criminal sexual contact. Parole can feel like an extension of jail. You may be free, but you must report to your parole officer, pay fees and abide by other court ordered conditions, such as asking permission to live in a particular residence and notifying law enforcement every time you move or lose your job. In addition, you may not be allowed to use a device with Internet capabilities, which makes living and working in today’s world nearly impossible. You also may be subjected to searches of your automobile and home without probable cause. Violations of these onerous conditions could land you back in jail. For this reason, our attorneys demand reasonable parole terms that allow you to move on with your life.

Consult with a Sexual Assault Attorney in Haddon Heights

Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A. is an established law firm that defends the accused in Haddon Heights and throughout New Jersey. Schedule a consultation with a sexual assault attorney by calling us at 856-547-7888, or contact us online.

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