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After Arrest Legal Procedure

What Do You Need to Know After Being Arrested in Haddon Heights, New Jersey?

When you get arrested in Haddon Heights, there are several steps before your case gets to trial. In fact, in many situations, it will be possible to favorably resolve a criminal case (whether that means avoiding conviction entirely or obtaining a lesser charge or sentence) without going before a jury of your peers. Know what to expect at each step is important to protecting your legal rights, and it can be critical to avoiding mistakes that could make it more difficult to present the strongest possible defense. Contact our knowledgeable Haddon Heights criminal defense lawyers today to discuss your legal options.

After Arrest Legal Procedure in Haddon Heights

1. Summons or Warrant

Once you are arrested, one of two things can happen: (i) You can be released on a Summons; or, (ii) you can be detained on a Warrant. If you are detained, you will need to appear before a judge (which usually happens the next business day. Please be aware, however, that at the initial hearing, the judge will have no choice but to hold you in jail for three more business days if the prosecutor seeks detention and another three business days if the prosecutor asks for a postponement because they don’t have sufficient discovery in the case.

2. Arraignment

Whether you are released or detained, your first court appearance is referred to as an arraignment. At your arraignment, the judge will read the charges against you, inform you that you have the right to an attorney, and inform you that anything you say may be used against you. However, you are also entitled to legal representation during your arraignment.

3. Review by the Prosecutor’s Office

At this stage, the prosecutor’s office will be reviewing your case to determine next steps. Generally speaking, it has three options available. The prosecutor’s office can either:

  • Dismiss the charges against you;
  • Send your case to Municipal Court; or,
  • Seek a grand jury indictment in Superior Court.

4. Pre-Indictment or Pre-Trial Defense Strategy

Your attorney will be in regular contact with the prosecutor’s office seeking to obtain information (through the process known as “discovery”) and looking for opportunities to resolve your case prior to trial. Depending upon the facts and circumstances involved in your arrest, you could potentially have a variety of defense strategies available. Your attorney will evaluate your potential defenses and use discovery, communicate directly with the prosecutor’s office and file motions in court in order to:

  • Counter the prosecution’s evidence;
  • Present evidence that mitigates your criminal culpability; and/or
  • Demonstrate your innocence.

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In many cases, these steps will lead to a favorable outcome prior to trial. But, if going to trial is your best option, our Haddon Heights criminal defense lawyers will be fully prepared to fight for your freedom in court. At Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A., our defense attorneys have decades of experience representing individuals in Haddon Heights, NJ. To speak with one of our experienced attorneys about your case, please call (877) 435-6371 or request a confidential initial consultation online now.

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