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Prenuptial Agreements

Have Your Prenuptial Agreement Prepared by an Experienced Freehold or Haddon Heights Family Attorney

Prenuptial agreements can serve a variety of different purposes; and, in many cases, entering into an agreement that protects each individual’s assets and sets ground rules for the marriage can be beneficial for both soon-to-be spouses. Bringing up the subject of a prenuptial agreement does not have to be uncomfortable and finalizing terms that work for you and your fiancé(e) does not have to be a confrontational or stressful process.

At Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A., our Haddon Heights family attorneys and Freehold prenuptial agreement lawyers are familiar with the unique dynamics involved in preparing prenuptial agreements. We understand that you want to protect your assets, and we appreciate that you do not want the process of securing protection to lead to premarital discord. When we represent individuals in the preparation of prenuptial agreements, we work closely with our clients to address their particular circumstances and desires, and we draft agreements that serve our clients’ needs without creating unnecessary conflict.

Preparing an Enforceable Prenuptial Agreement: Transparency is Key

Under New Jersey law, in order to be enforceable, a prenuptial agreement must be entered into knowingly and voluntarily by both parties. When a prenuptial agreement addresses ownership of property, a statement of assets should be attached so that it is clear what assets are covered. The agreement should also include a clear acknowledgement that both individuals understand its terms and have had the opportunity to seek independent legal representation, and that signing the agreement is not a condition of the marriage.

Prenuptial Agreements: More Than Just “Planning for Divorce”

While establishing property rights in the event of a divorce is one reason to enter into a prenuptial agreement, it is by no means the only reason to consider entering into an agreement. Prenuptial agreements can serve a variety of different purposes during the marriage, in the event of one spouse’s death and in the event of a divorce.

Some of the topics most commonly addressed in prenuptial agreements include:

  • Ownership of separate property for purposes of inheritance or divorce
  • Disclosure of debt and income
  • Liability for debts incurred prior to or during the marriage
  • Financial support and gifts to children from prior relationships
  • Budgeting and savings goals during the marriage
  • Responsibility for payment of bills and other marital or household obligations
  • Ownership and control of privately-held businesses
  • Childrearing responsibilities and career-related considerations
  • Methods for resolving disputes, including mediation or couples’ counseling
  • Tax planning

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If you believe that it would be in your best interest to enter into a prenuptial agreement, it is important not to forego the opportunity for fear of introducing strain or uncertainty into your relationship. There are tactful ways to broach the topic, and our attorneys can assist you throughout the process. To learn more, please contact us for an initial consultation.

Schedule an Initial Consultation With a Hadden Heights Family Attorney or Freehold Prenuptial Agreement Attorney at Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A.

If you would like to speak with a  family attorney at our Haddon Heights office or Freehold location about preparing a prenuptial agreement, we encourage you to get in touch. To get started with a confidential initial consultation, please call (877) 435-6371 or request an appointment online today.

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