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Contested Uncontested Divorce

Divorce Mediation in Atlantic City and Cherry Hill

Over half of all American marriages end in divorce, and while the decision to end a marriage may be a painful one, the process of actually dissolving a marital union can be even more painful.

Cherry Hill contested and uncontested divorce

There are two kinds divorce in New Jersey:

  • Contested, where there are open areas of dispute between the spouses. For example, in an Atlantic City or Cherry Hill contested divorce, both parties may desire separation but disagree over visitation rights, length of alimony, or the distribution of property or debt.
  • Uncontested, where the spouses have settled their disputes on their own and the only role of the court is to grant the divorce in such a way that reflects this agreement. In Atlantic City or Cherry Hill uncontested divorces, the court understands that all open issues have been resolved and only a short hearing is needed to dissolve the union.

Camden County divorce mediation

Divorces handled via litigation in New Jersey courts can take significant amounts of time to work their way through the legal system, costing considerable legal fees in the process. Very often, the attorneys themselves take, or are forced to take, positions so extreme that negotiation becomes impossible. Any goodwill between the divorcing couple can be lost, and the children, family members, or friends can find themselves caught in the fray.

For divorcing couples who fear this situation, divorce mediation may be the answer.

Divorce mediators can help couples reconcile and complete divorce proceedings in weeks or months, as opposed to years, at a considerably lower cost. In the Cherry Hill area of New Jersey, for instance, a Cherry Hill divorce mediator can handle a separation while maintaining the goodwill of the couple, and sparing children and loved ones the drawn-out pain and expense of litigation. For the right couple, it can be a much more mature, intelligent choice than a litigious divorce, resulting in a divorce agreement tailored for the couple in question.

Divorce attorneys in New Jersey

Filing for divorce can be a complicated and emotionally tiring experience. If you face a pending divorce or have any questions about legal separation, collaborative divorce and contested and uncontested divorce process in these areas of New Jersey, contact the skilled divorce lawyers in Atlantic City at Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, PA today. Contact our Atlantic City divorce lawyers at 877-HELMER1.


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