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How to File for Divorce

Divorce Process

Divorce can be a traumatizing, emotionally devastating event. When filing for a divorce, it is essential to understand exactly what you are getting into in legal terms. An experienced divorce lawyer can help you understand the divorce process in New Jersey.

How to file for a divorce

Any divorce process begins with filing of a divorce complaint in Atlantic City, Camden County, Cherry Hill, Atlantic County and throughout New Jersey. In the State of New Jersey, the Superior Court holds jurisdiction when either spouse involved in a divorce complaint has been a resident of New Jersey for at least 12 months at the time of filing. A divorce lawyer can guide you in the process of filing a divorce complaint.

Atlantic City divorce help—understanding the divorce process 

The required contents of a complaint are clearly defined in the state statutes of New Jersey, requiring a statement of the essential facts forming the basis of the divorce, as well as information regarding the spouse and children involved.

If the divorce action involves allegations of adultery or deviant sexual conduct, the complaint must name the adulterer or correspondent or as much information about this individual as is known.

You must pay a filing fee and may be forced to pay to attend a parenting education seminar in Atlantic City, Atlantic County, Camden County, Cherry Hill or any part of New Jersey. It is important to know the divorce process before filing a divorce case. Divorce lawyers in Atlantic City can help you.

Answers, counterclaims, and appearances

The answer is the written response of the defendant spouse to the complaint. The defendant spouse may also file counterclaims against the plaintiff spouse, to which the plaintiff spouse has 20 days to respond via another filing.

Case Information Statement

A Case Information Statement (CIS) is a critical divorce document filed by both parties. It identifies every asset and liability, subject to division or otherwise, of each spouse. This includes income, housing and property, transportation, and personal expenses.

Each party must attach the following to their CIS:

  • Tax returns;
  • Last three pay stubs; and
  • Pension, mutual fund, and stock statements.

The more comprehensive your CIS, the easier for Atlantic City or Cherry Hill legal agencies to assist you.

Once each party has filed the CIS, the case is assigned a category for purposes of management:

  • Priority;
  • Complex;
  • Expedited;  or
  • Standard.

New Jersey divorce lawyers 

Filing for a divorce New Jersey can be a complicated and emotionally tiring experience. If you face a pending divorce or have any questions about legal separation, collaborative divorce and contested and uncontested divorce process in New Jersey, contact the experienced divorce lawyers at Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, PA today. Contact our Atlantic City divorce lawyers at 877-HELMER1.

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