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NJ Defense Attorney Explains Penalties for Breaking Municipal Ordinances


I'm Brian Jacobs, I'm an Attorney with Helmer, Conley & Kasselman. I represent clients for a variety of reasons, for criminal cases, for traffic tickets, and also for municipal ordinances. Municipal ordinances in New Jersey are local laws, they're laws that are passed by the township or city, and they address local concerns. And some of these laws can be referencing putting your leaves out in the street too soon or not the proper time. They can reference also noise issues as it relates to certain times of the day that the town decides that noise is appropriate.

So these type of charges are typically charged within one year of the alleged offense. They can vary in terms of penalty. They can require jail if sentenced by a judge. They're not usually sentenced to jail in circumstances where a client is charged and found guilty of an ordinance. But fines are almost always imposed, and they can range all the way up to 1 to $2,000. Sometimes other charges can be amended down to an ordinance and sometimes that's a desirable resolution for a case when a client is charged with a criminal offense. And we can resolve that in a way that the charge is amended down to an ordinance. If you're charged with an ordinance, please call us because we can help. Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, 856-547-7888.

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