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New Jersey Juvenile Law Attorney Discusses Parents Needing Legal Help


Interviewer: Good afternoon. We're here this afternoon with Barry Serebnick, an attorney at the law firm of Helmer, Conley, and Kasselman, who has focused his practice largely in the area of juvenile law. Barry, if I'm a parent and my child is arrested, is there any reason why I as the parent can't represent my child in court? Do I really need a lawyer?

Barry: Any child who appears in court in the State of New Jersey needs to be represented by an attorney for a delinquency proceeding. The court rules do not allow non-attorneys to appear on behalf of anybody in the State of New Jersey, and that's particularly true for juveniles. If your child receives a juvenile complaint and he's been arrested by the police or received a notification from the court, an attorney must represent him if that juvenile's appearing in front of a judge. There are rules of court that are going to apply to juveniles just like adult criminals, and without an attorney, your juvenile's rights will not be protected. Contact us today for help with your case.  

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