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New Jersey DUI Defense Attorney Discusses DUI Arrest Procedure


Female: Good Morning. I'm here today with John Dell'Aquilo, one of the attorneys at the law firm, Helmer, Conley, and Kasselman. Mr. Dell'Aquilo focuses a lot of his work on clients with DWI or DUI problems.

Mr. Dell'Aquilo, people talk about this stuff a lot, and I've heard that police can ask you to do all kinds of stuff. If I get stopped and they think that I am driving under the influence, do I have to do what they tell me?

Mr. Dell'Aquilo: Well, the one thing you do have an obligation to do is, if arrested for DWI, you must take the chemical breath test. Currently, they use the alco test instrument. It's generically referred to as a breathalyzer test. If you don't take that test, there are serious implications. You are not required to do the physical test. They are referred to as a standard field sobriety test. Put your finger to your nose, walk in a straight line, balance test. However, if you don't take those tests, there can be a negative inference imposed against you as a consciousness of guilt, but you are not required to do those.  If you need help with your DWI case contact our office today.  

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