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New Jersey Business Litigation Lawyer Discusses Lawsuit Filing


Woman: Good afternoon. We're here today with Bill Tobolsky, who is an attorney with the law firm of Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, focuses in commercial litigation, and Bill is a certified civil trial attorney. Bill, what do I do if I get sued?

Bill: Well, when you get sued, you're going to receive a summons and a complaint. Now, the summons in New Jersey state court, you're going to have 35 days to file an answer or a response. If it's in federal court, you have 21 days. Do not wait until the day before the pleading is due before going to an attorney. And number two, make sure that you contact your insurance company or raise that issue with your attorney because they may, in fact, pay for your defense, and indemnify you for any award you must pay.  For more information and help with your case contact our office today.  

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