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Defense Attorney Explains New Jersey Bail Reform Law


My name is Ron Helmer. I'm the managing partner of Helmer, Conley & Kasselman. I want to discuss bail reform with you.

Ever since January of 2017, if someone is arrested for a crime, they may not be released until time of trial which could take anywhere from one to three years in prison or jail waiting for trial.

When the person is arrested, the police scan their fingerprints and make an initial decision based on the crime charged and the person's record and their record of appearances in court. In other words, whether they had warrants before for failure to appear even for a traffic ticket in deciding whether to hold them in jail. They are held in jail overnight and see a judge on the next business day or Saturday.

At that time, if the prosecutor has asked that the person be held for detention hearing, then the judge has no choice but must hold that person for three business days before detention hearing is scheduled.

At the detention hearing, the defense and the prosecutor present evidence and the judge makes a decision on whether to release the person on conditions or whether to hold them in jail until time of trial.

Obviously, it's very important for a person to be released. And if you or your loved one are arrested, or charged with a crime, you can contact us and we'll be happy to help. My cell phone number is 609-685-0665. Call me at any time we will be happy to solve the problem.

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