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DWI Defense Lawyers Representing Clients in Somers Point and Statewide

A DUI arrest. A court case. A conviction at trial. For many people, this is pretty much how it goes when they get pulled over for driving under the influence in New Jersey, particularly those in Somers Point. They assume that they are guilty and there is nothing they can do, and they put their fate in the hands of a state prosecutor and municipal court judge – neither of whom are sympathetic to endangering others by getting drunk and then getting behind the wheel.

But, this does not have to happen to you. You are entitled to defend yourself; and, regardless of the circumstances surrounding your arrest, you almost certainly have defenses available. Even if it is not possible to avoid a conviction entirely, there are various ways you can seek to have your charges reduced or obtain a minimal sentence in court. Trust us, we know. We have been representing DUI defendants in New Jersey for decades, and our defense attorneys have centuries of combined experience helping clients avoid unjust consequences after being arrested on suspicion of DUI.

Your Somers Point DUI Lawyer Knows What's at Stake

Although Somers Point is only a little over 5 square miles, a large number of DUI/DWI offenses occur in the area, with the largest source of DUI-related charges and arrests taking place along the Garden State Parkway.

Our firm represents individuals in Somers Point and elsewhere in New Jersey charged with DUI/DWI and all other alcohol-related driving offenses. Even if you are facing a DUI charge as a first-time offender, you are at risk severe penalties, including steep fines, loss of driving privileges and potentially even time behind bars. If you were charged with an “implied consent” violation (for refusing to take a breath test) or possession of an open container, you could be face punishment even if you are not ultimately found guilty of DUI. As a result, you need to take your case very seriously, and this means hiring a qualified and skilled Somers Point DUI lawyer.

At Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A., we work closely with each and every client to ensure that we can seek the best possible outcome from their case. Individuals facing DUI/DWI charges will appear in the Somers Point Municipal Court. The defenses you have available depend greatly on the facts surrounding your arrest, and the only place we can get this information is from you. When you engage our firm to represent you, you will meet with your Somers Point DUI/DWI lawyer one-on-one, and your Somers Point DUI lawyer will work diligently to construct a comprehensive defense strategy that is custom-tailored to your individual circumstances. In the past, we have helped clients avoid conviction and punishment by asserting defenses including:

  • Lack of reasonable suspicion or probable cause
  • Police procedural mistakes
  • Faulty breath test administration or breathalyzer error
  • Faulty field sobriety test administration or interpretation of test results
  • Mistaken refusal and failure to provide “implied consent” instructions in your native language
  • Suffering from a medical condition
  • “False positives” due to consuming chocolate, sage, breath mints, or other foods
  • Other Constitutional violations and statutory defenses

Defenses to DUI/DWI and DUI Refusals

When deciding whether to hire a DWI lawyer, in addition to considering the potential consequences, it is also important to consider the defenses you have available. There are numerous potential defenses to DUI/DWI charges in New Jersey, and our defense lawyers may be able to protect you by asserting defenses that arose before, during or after your DUI/DWI arrest. Some of the potential defenses to DUI/DWI charges in New Jersey include:

  • Breath test faults, calibration errors and misinterpretations
  • Procedural mistakes during your traffic stop
  • Violations of your constitutional rights
  • Mistaken refusal (inability to register a reading on the Alcotest)
  • Improper administration of field sobriety tests or misinterpretation of performance
  • Medical condition causing impairments similar to intoxication
  • “False positive” breath test result
  • Other factual and legal defenses (i.e. you were not “operating” a vehicle at the time of your arrest)

In order to determine the most-effective defense strategy for your case, we will need to get many of the facts about your case from you. As a result, you should write down everything you remember about your arrest and try to be as comprehensive and detailed as possible.

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