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New Jersey Makes It a Crime to Possess, Sell Synthetic Marijuana in all Forms

April 16, 2012 | Posted In Criminal Law - Drugs

Authorities in New Jersey have now imposed a blanket ban on synthetic marijuana products in the state, making it a crime to possess, manufacture or sell these drugs. 

Synthetic marijuana is available in hundreds of forms and is sold at retail stores, convenience stores and gas stations.  According to law enforcement, these products have been targeted at teenagers and young adults and are linked to substance abuse in these age groups.

New Jersey state officials had moved to ban synthetic marijuana last year but found too many variations of synthetic marijuana available in the market that were not included in the ban; when the ban took effect,  about 18 new varieties of the substance cropped up.  These new variants were not technically considered illegal but were found to be harmful to users.  This new ban constitutes a blanket prohibition of the products.

Synthetic marijuana is typically sold in small packets that weigh between 500 mg and 3 grams each.  These products are packaged and sold as bath salts, incense, potpourri and other products.  However, according to experts, the effect of the drug when smoked is similar to the effects of marijuana.  The concoctions include a combination of herbs and other materials, including chemicals that are designed to impact the brain.

These drugs target teenagers and young adults who, New Jersey criminal defense lawyers find, are typically less likely to understand that they could be charged with drug crimes for the sale and possession of these products.

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