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HCK Ethics Disclosure

At HCK, all of us take our ethical responsibilities very seriously.  The reason that you will not see references to client testimonials,  awards, or related topics on this site is that the NJ Supreme Court and the Committee on Attorney Advertising have established very strict boundaries around what is permissible. We do not want to risk making a mistake about what is not permissible, and is therefore unethical to share- so we have chosen to omit those topics from our advertising.  If you have questions about our attorneys’ experience and credentials, please ask them directly.

Prescription Drug Crimes

April 20, 2016 | Posted In Criminal Law

Most people know the names of major illegal drugs — cocaine, heroin, marijuana in most states, meth — even if they’ve never tried them first-hand. Because of the dangers associated with the use...

Can I Receive a Conditional Discharge?

January 11, 2016 | Posted In Criminal Law

Some criminal charges may be eligible for conditional discharge in New Jersey, and for first-time drug offenders who have otherwise clean records, it’s worth researching to discover if their...

New Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Opens

October 26, 2015 | Posted In Criminal Law

Medical marijuana has been sweeping the nation as one of the newest forms of pain management, offering victims of cancer, epilepsy and other debilitating diseases the chance to control their symptoms...

Marijuana Laws

October 16, 2015 | Posted In Criminal Law

Although New Jersey has decided to allow the use of medical marijuana, this decision does not mean that the state’s strict laws regarding marijuana smoke, use and possession have changed in...

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