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Did You Get Arrested for DUI Over the Holidays? Don’t Expect to Receive a Gift in Court

December 21, 2018 | Posted In Drunk Driving

In New Jersey, a drunk driving arrest in the month of December can do far more than ruin your holiday season. New Jersey has one of the harshest DUI laws in the nation, and you cannot expect the judge to go easy on you simply because it is “that time of year.” With the potential for losing your license, facing large financial penalties and even facing jail time for a first-time offense, you need to do everything you can to defend yourself. If you don’t, your DUI conviction could remain on your record permanently, and you could face sobering reminders of your conviction in many different aspects of your life.

Is it Worth Defending Against Your DUI?

There are two common misconceptions that drive many people to mistakenly conclude that it is not worth defending against their DUI. The first is that being drunk at the time of your arrest means that you will be convicted at trial. The second is that hiring an attorney will be just as expensive as paying the costs associated with a DUI conviction.

1. Defending Against a DUI When You Know You are Guilty

You got drunk at a holiday party and decided to drive home, and they caught you. In your mind, there is no question that you were driving drunk. So, is it still worth fighting your case in court?

Absolutely. While sobriety is one defense to a DUI charge, it is by no means the only defense that is available. There are several defenses you can assert even if you are certain that you were drunk at the time of your arrest. In order to convict you, the prosecutor’s office must have sufficient admissible evidence to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. From an unlawful traffic stop to a faulty Alcotest calibration, there are numerous ways to challenge even what appears to be a very strong case for guilt.

2. Choosing Between Legal Fees and the Costs of a DUI Conviction

Yes, it costs money to hire a DUI attorney. But, does it cost as much to hire an attorney as it does to face the full consequences of a DUI conviction? Not even close.

Along with fines and court costs, a DUI conviction in New Jersey can also result in an insurance surcharge of $1,000 per year for three years (for a first-time offense). Then, there are the costs to attend an Intoxicated Driver Resource Center (IRDC), and the costs to reinstate your license once your driver’s license suspension is over. With a DUI on your permanent record (DUIs are not eligible for expungement in New Jersey), you may also find it difficult to find a job; and, while your license is suspended, you will need to find a way to get around without your car while still making loan and insurance payments. If you get arrested for DUI again, the consequences will be even greater.

Speak With a New Jersey DUI Defense Lawyer in Confidence

If you are facing a DUI charge in New Jersey this holiday season, don’t make the mistake of assuming there is nothing you can do. Contact us now to learn more about what our DUI defense attorneys can do you help you. To schedule a confidential consultation at one of our convenient office locations throughout New Jersey, call 877-435-6371 or request an appointment online today.

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