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Consequences for Faking Your Own Death

June 26, 2013 | Posted In Criminal Law - Faking Your Own Death

A musician from the Bronx who was reported dead last Valentine’s Day might now be facing legal consequences for faking his own death, New Jersey criminal attorneys say. Rapper Tim Dog, whose real name is Timothy Blair, allegedly died on February 14, 2012, after suffering a seizure as a result of complications from diabetes.  However, new reports indicate that he may not have died in the first place, and may have lied about his own demise.

Last May, officers in Desoto County, Mississippi have issued an arrest warrant for Tim Dog, claiming that he is, in fact, alive and well, but that he may be hiding out from unpaid debts. According to several media outlets, Tim Dog owes at least several woman thousands of dollars for their monetary contributions, along with five years of probation time. Tim Dog was best known for his hit in 1991 entitled “F*** Compton,” a biting track aimed at insulting the rising hip-hop scene on the West Coast. This track is credited with inciting a rivalry between the rappers on the East and West Coast in the 1990s. Prosecutor Steven Jubera has told reporters that he needs proof of the rapper’s death before he can dismiss the excessive monetary debts and the probationary time in court, and he has asked for a valid death certificate to confirm. The judge has claimed that a death certificate was never filed to indicate that the rapper had died, and that New Jersey officials were unable to locate any family members or friends who knew where the rapper had been buried. According to the official reports, the musician’s family had never indicated a final burial plot.

Earlier in 2011, Jubera found Tim Dog guilty of grand larceny for defrauding several women, including plaintiff and local resident Esther Pilgrim, who provided funds to Tim Dog through an online dating site for an alleged comeback that it appears he had no intention of actually professionally advancing. Jubera sentenced Tim Dog to five years’ probation, and ordered him to make restitution to the fans like Esther Pilgrim who he had extorted. He allegedly caused Pilgrim to rack up almost $32,000 in credit card debt, when he claimed to be using the money to rebuild his career in the music industry. Tim Dog used online long-distance relationships to convince several women to invest in his plans to launch a new comeback album.

Tim Dog was ordered to pay Ms. Esther Pilgrim, $19,000 as restitution for making her one of the victims of his online scam. But before the rapper could make good on his sentence, he was declared dead. New Jersey criminal attorneys say that this declaration has resulted in further investigation into the rapper’s life and business practices. If the rapper’s family can prove that Tim Dog is dead, Jubera has promised to drop any and all charges.

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