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5 Reasons Not to Plead Guilty to DUI in New Jersey

January 15, 2021 | Posted In Drunk Driving

If you are facing a DUI charge in New Jersey, you may be tempted to plead guilty. Maybe you were driving drunk, and perhaps you think it will cost less and be easier to simply admit what you did and move on.

But, simply pleading guilty to a DUI charge in New Jersey is a mistake. There are many ways a New Jersey DUI lawyer can help, and a conviction will negatively impact most aspects of your life. Here are five reasons not to plead guilty to your New Jersey drunk driving charge:

1. The Police May Have Violated Your Rights

When the police pull someone over and make a DUI arrest, they are bound by various legal restraints, including those imposed by the U.S. Constitution. If the police violated your constitutional rights (for example, by engaging in racial profiling or arresting you without “probable cause”), then you may be entitled to a “not guilty” verdict even if there is no question that you were driving under the influence.

2. Your Breathalyzer Test Results May Be Invalid

Breathalyzer test results are among the primary forms of evidence that New Jersey prosecutors use to prove guilt in DUI cases. However, in many cases, breathalyzer test results will be invalid. From calibration issues to failure to explain New Jersey’s implied consent law, there are several issues that can render blood alcohol concentration (BAC) readings inadmissible in court.

3. You May Have Other Defenses to Your DUI

In addition to constitutional violations and faulty breathalyzer test results, there are many other defenses to DUI charges in New Jersey as well. Did the arresting officer misinterpret your performance on the field sobriety tests (FSTs)? Do you have a medical condition that affects your depth perception or balance? Is the prosecution’s evidence lacking? These are just three of numerous examples of factors that could determine the outcome of your DUI case.

4. A DUI Conviction Can Be Extraordinarily Costly

A DUI conviction can be extraordinarily costly—far more expensive than hiring a lawyer to represent you. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you could be facing thousands of dollars in fines and fees, loss of your driver’s license, jail time, and various other DUI penalties.

5. Even if You Cannot Avoid a Conviction, a Lawyer Can Help Mitigate Your Sentence

In some cases, avoiding a conviction may not be a realistic possibility. But, if the evidence is stacked against you, you still can – and should – fight your DUI charge. An experienced New Jersey DUI lawyer will be able to fight to mitigate your sentence, and this could drastically reduce the long-term consequences of your DUI.

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