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Dana B. Blaustein (Litke)

Dana B. Blaustein (Litke)

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Dana Blaustein graduated from both Rutgers College and Rutgers University School of Law.  In 1984, after serving as law clerk to the Honorable Isiah Steinberg, J.S.C.,retired, she postponed her entry into the law practice to begin raising a family.  In 1988, she took a job with the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office where she served for 25 years as Assistant Prosecutor and Chief Assistant Prosecutor under the name Dana Blaustein Litke.

During her tenure with Atlantic County, she investigated and prosecuted a myriad of cases ranging from harassment to homicide, and gained a solid foundation of criminal law, procedure, and evidence.  In 1998, Dana was asked to form a Domestic Violence Unit for the Office.  The Prevention of Domestic Violence Act in New Jersey had recently been passed, and Domestic Violence prosecutors around the State were preparing procedures and courses to instruct both police officers and attorneys with the new approach to dealing with victims of domestic violence.  Dana was in the forefront in establishing these procedures and, with her staff, changed the course of domestic violence prosecution in Atlantic County.  This talent and expertise give Dana the

ability to analyze and argue in domestic violence restraining order hearings both for the victim who wants a restraining order and for a charged defendant for whom the charges are exaggerated or fabricated against.  As Chief Assistant Prosecutor, Dana supervised both the Grand Jury and the Domestic Violence Units until her retirement in 2014.

In addition to this vast experience in criminal law and domestic violence, Dana worked for a Pennsylvania tax attorney from 2015-2016, where she gained knowledge in personal injury and business law.  More recently, in 2017-2018, Dana was Of Counsel to a boutique family law firm in Linwood, NJ.  There she gained considerable experience in preparing pleadings, motions, and briefs on various issues of family law including alimony, custody, and equitable distribution.  She also handled several domestic violence cases before the Court.

Dana is excited to bring her wealth of experience to Helmer, Conley, and Kasselman, and serve clients in areas of criminal and family law.  She also claims to have the cutest beagle, Wally!

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