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Will a DUI Ruin My Career?

January 10, 2022 | Posted In Drunk Driving

A DUI charge can have serious and long-lasting consequences in many areas of one’s life and future. This includes your career. A DUI arrest that results in a conviction can affect one’s career by showing up on routine background checks, limiting one’s driving abilities and licensing, and much more. These are just a few of the reasons why it is extremely important to retain a skilled New Jersey DUI lawyer. Even if you were indisputably driving drunk, there is still much an attorney can do to ensure the best possible outcome in your DUI case.

The attorneys at Helmer, Conley & Kasselman have decades of trial experience and deep knowledge of New Jersey’s justice system. Our New Jersey DUI lawyer is prepared to defend you against your DUI charge and will fight for your rights and your future.

A DUI Will Change Your Life

There are many ways that a DUI conviction can impact one’s future and career. Consequences vary based on each individual’s unique circumstances. The time and money spent on legal proceedings alone can have a ripple effect on all aspects of daily living – including your professional life.

Below are examples of how a DUI can negatively impact your career:

  • Excessive absences or time off work due to legal proceedings or other DUI-related time commitments
  • Worsened performance at work due to the stress of an ongoing legal problem
  • Reduced access to transportation due to limitations on your ability to drive 
  • Less likely to be hired after a background check is performed
  • Damage to reputation because of media coverage and information related to your DUI published on the internet
  • Complications with licensing boards due to having a DUI on your record
  • A DUI conviction will result in the suspension of your license, which can result in an inability to get to work or to work in a job that requires you to drive. If you have a CDL it will be suspended for an even longer time.

Licensing Consequences

One of the biggest ways that a DUI can harm your career is that it could interfere with your professional licensing status with the state. Professional licenses, such as a nursing license, can be suspended or even revoked due to a DUI. 

However, there are special programs designed to support professionals as they navigate the consequences of a DUI arrest and other substance abuse-related problems. Participation in these programs can help you retain or regain a professional license, and also demonstrate to the courts and licensing boards a desire to reform.

Background Check Concerns

New Jersey is one of a few states in the nation that do not consider a DUI to be a criminal offense. Instead, a DUI is a traffic offense. Because of this, a DUI will not show up on a purely criminal record background check. 

However, a DUI will appear on any background check that includes your driving record. That said, despite not being a criminal offense, a DUI can still appear on an employer’s background check.

Defend Your Future -- Hire a New Jersey DUI Lawyer

The harm of a DUI conviction not only touches one’s personal life, but it can also horribly impact a person’s professional life and career prospects. There is simply too much at stake – you must hire a skilled New Jersey DUI lawyer to defend your rights and ensure justice is served. Contact us now. 

Over 20 attorneys at HCK have extensive experience in defending DUI cases as they were former assistant prosecutors and/or police officers for a combined total of over 600 years of law enforcement experience. You can find out more about them on our site, and you can call Managing Partner Ron Helmer on his cell phone at 609 685-0665.

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