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What You Need to Know About Going to Traffic Court in New Jersey

June 1, 2021 | Posted In Criminal Law

If you have received a traffic ticket in New Jersey, fighting your ticket will mean going to traffic court. While there are many ways to fight a traffic ticket, avoiding penalties isn’t easy, and you will need to avoid a number of common mistakes to achieve a favorable outcome. While you can try to handle your case on your own, it is strongly in your best interests to hire an experienced New Jersey traffic court lawyer to represent you.

Here is an overview of what you need to know about going to traffic court in New Jersey:

The Prosecution has the Burden of Proof

It is up to the prosecution to prove that you committed a traffic violation. If the prosecution can’t meet its burden of proof, then you can’t be found guilty. But, most prosecutors have handled hundreds, if not thousands, of traffic ticket cases—and they know what it takes to prove your guilt in court.

You Need to Defend Yourself Effectively

When you go to traffic court in New Jersey, you need to be prepared to defend yourself effectively. This means gathering evidence before your court date, and it means developing a cohesive defense strategy that exposes flaws in the prosecution’s case.

If You Don’t Go to Court, You Will Be Penalized for “Failure to Appear”

If you don’t go to traffic court on your scheduled court date, you will face consequences resulting from your failure to appear. Not only will you be at risk for penalties as a result of your traffic violation, but you will also be at risk for the judge issuing a bench warrant for your arrest.

Being Found Guilty Can Have Several Consequences

The penalties for traffic violations can include jail, fines, surcharges and points on your driver’s license. If you accumulate enough points, your driver’s license will be suspended. Your insurance premiums can also increase substantially if you have a traffic violation on your record. Having a record can impact your education, job, and other aspects of your life.

Going to Traffic Court Might Not Be Your Only Option

While fighting your traffic ticket in court is one option, it might not be the only option you have available. In many cases, New Jersey traffic court lawyers will be able to negotiate plea deals with the prosecutor’s office prior to their clients’ court dates. So if you committed a traffic violation and you don’t have any complete defenses available, it might be in your best interests to accept a deal instead of going to traffic court.

Request a Consultation with a New Jersey Traffic Court Lawyer

If you have questions about traffic court or what you should do after getting a traffic ticket in New Jersey, you can contact us for a confidential consultation. To speak with a New Jersey traffic court lawyer at Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A., call 877-435-6371 or tell us how you prefer to be contacted online now.


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