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What Types of Injuries Can Be Compensated from the Auto Insurance Held by a Careless Driver?

January 20, 2021 | Posted In Personal Injury/Negligence

Auto accidents can cause all types of injuries. While your medical insurance should provide coverage (if you have medical insurance), this coverage will only go so far, and it also does nothing to compensate you for your lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses.

With this in mind, if you have been injured in an accident in New Jersey, it is important that you speak with a lawyer about filing an auto insurance claim. If you are entitled to coverage, whether under your policy or the other driver’s, then you can seek coverage for all of your accident-related losses.

Auto Insurance Held by the Careless Driver Covers All Types of Accident-Related Injuries

What types of injuries does auto insurance cover? In New Jersey, the answer is simple: All kinds of injuries are covered. But, the amount of available coverage depends on the severity of the injury (or injuries) suffered.

Regardless of the amount of compensation available to you, filing an auto insurance claim is an important part of the recovery process. As a result, you should contact a New Jersey auto accident lawyer promptly if you have suffered injuries including, but not limited to:

  • Broken bones – Broken ribs, broken clavicles and other broken bones throughout the body.
  • Burns – Seat belt burns, burns from fires and airbag deployment, and burns from toxic exposure.
  • Concussions – Concussions resulting from physical impact, violent shaking or other accident-related trauma.
  • Herniated discs – Spinal cord injuries at all levels that may or may not require surgery.
  • Lacerations and contusions – Severe cuts and bruises to the face and other parts of the body, including those that lead to permanent scarring or complications.
  • Organ damage – Damage to the internal organs resulting from penetration, blunt force, internal bleeding, or other traumatic effects of the collision.
  • Psychological trauma – Anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress and other psychological effects resulting from the accident or your accident-related injuries.
  • Soft tissue damage – Sprains, strains and tears to muscles, ligaments and tendons throughout the body.
  • Nerve damage – Nerve damage resulting from deep lacerations, pinching or other forms of trauma suffered during the collision.
  • Whiplash – Damage to the nerves and soft tissue in the neck resulting from a head-on or rear-end collision.
  • Severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) – Coup-contrecoup injuries, diffuse axonal injuries, hematomas, hemorrhages, and other serious forms of TBI.
  • Severe spinal cord injury (SCI) – Full or partial paralysis resulting from a penetrating or blunt-force injury to the spine.

This list is not exhaustive but instead reflects many of the most common types of accident-related injuries. If you have suffered any kind of traumatic injury in an auto accident in New Jersey, you should speak with a lawyer about filing an auto insurance claim as soon as possible.

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