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What Should (and Shouldn’t) You Expect During Your Divorce?

March 5, 2021 | Posted In Family Law

When going through a divorce, it is important to know what you can expect along the way. Setting realistic expectations allows you to make informed decisions, and it also helps ensure that you do not overlook opportunities to secure the property, financial or custody rights you desire. So, what should you look forward to next?

What to Expect From Your Divorce in New Jersey

1. An Organized and Structured Process

Whether you and your spouse negotiate the terms of your divorce, use mediation or go to court, you can expect an organized and structured process. The amount of structure will depend on the method (or methods) you use, but in any case, you should have a clear roadmap for ending your marriage.

2. Access to the Information You Need

When going through a divorce in New Jersey, you have the right to access the information you need. This includes information about your spouse’s assets and income. Both spouses are required to make financial disclosures, and if your spouse attempts to hide information, you will have legal remedies available.

3. A Fair Outcome

In New Jersey, the divorce process is designed to ensure a fair outcome. This does not necessarily mean there will be a 50-50 split, but it does mean your rights will be fully protected in a way that follows New Jersey’s property distribution, spousal support, child support and child custody laws.

What Not to Expect from Your Divorce in New Jersey

1. A Quick and Easy Outcome

Getting divorced takes time and as you go through the process, you should not focus too much on simply getting to the end. If you and your spouse have disagreements, your attorney can help you work through them, and putting in the time and effort required will allow you to feel satisfied with the outcome of your divorce.

2. To Give Up More Than Your Fair Share

Many people approach the divorce process with the perception that they will have to give up more than their fair share in order to settle out of court. But, this is not the case. While resolving a divorce without going to court inherently involves compromise, under no circumstances should you find yourself in a position where you feel forced to accept less than you deserve.  

3. To Use the Same Divorce Lawyer as Your Spouse

Finally, some people think they can save money by hiring a single lawyer to handle their divorce. But, this approach is not a good idea for a variety of different reasons. When going through a divorce, you need to rely on the advice of a lawyer who solely has your best interests in mind. An attorney who is attempting to represent both spouses will be limited in the advice he or she can provide, and if you and your spouse aren’t able to come to terms, each of you will end up spending more to hire your own attorney.

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